Top 7 Favorite Eye Shadows


A while ago I got asked to do a post about my top 5 eye shadows. And well, I couldn't pick just 5 of them, so I picked 7 instead. Which is still quite good, no? ;D

Anyway it was a really hard job, because I have many eye shadows that I love. But this time I went from the ones I used the most (or have used) to the more extraordinary ones.


So first we have my very-used UD Naked palette...  :) Of course one of the favorites eye shadows had to be from it! Even tho, at first I wasn't really interested in nudes, lol.

 The pigments/minerals (without the Mac sample one just because it looks ugly).


This has to be my most used eyeshadow ever! I used it like almost every single day. I know, my looks got quite boring because of the Naked palette, but still. It is also very usable as a highlighter <3! Now I am looking for a dupe in case I run out (and I don't want to spent $50 for a new palette just for this one shade - Help?)

 I got this sample from a forum friend, quite a while ago. It's the gorgeous Pink Bronze pigment from MAC and I'd love to get a full size of this thing. 

I used this eyeshadow A LOT before I got my naked palette. It's perfect to use in the crease or for drawing eyebrows (when I had dark red hair). Now it's mostly untouched. :( But it will get some love quite soon!


 I wanted this eyeshadow for a very long time. But each time I was ordering from Fyrinnae I thought 'bleh!'. And then for some reason I went to check the swatches - and wow!! Gorgeous <3.

 The only orange shade I like on myself. And the bonus - it's from Fyrinnae. By now you could guess I love Fyrinnae's eye shadows.

 This is quite an interesting shade. Between blue and green. And in some light it's quite pale looking. It is still very wearable or if you'd like to add some wow factor - well just combine it with black. ^^

This shadow is pretty much complexer than it looks in the pictures. It goes from purple to blue. I once wrote a review about it (and some other shadows) - here.

And the most important part - The swatches! They were done on dry skin without any primer. Cool, right? 

I'd be really happy if you would tell me what you think about my top 7 eye shadows! 
Plus, which are your top 7 eye shadows (I'm always looking for great ones)?
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