Bali Body Gradual Tan

Bali Body Gradual Tan

When I first got the offer to try Bali Body Self-Tanner I was a bit weirded out. Not because I don't like self-tanners but because it was the start of Winter and I was feeling really cold. 

That's also why it took me so long to test the Gradual Self-Tanner. I was feeling cold and didn't feel like exposing my skin too much.
I got a bunch of products to play with, but today I'll focus on the Gradual Tan as that's the product I have been testing for the longest. It must be a couple of weeks now. 

Bali Body Gradual Tan

Achieve a flawless fake tan with our everyday gradual tanning moisturiser. This multitasking, hydrating body lotion allows you to gradually build up colour & customise the perfect tan for your skin tone. Apply from head to toe every morning or night for bronzed skin all year round. 

Bali Body Gradual Tan
What' I got and am still testing


The self-tanner comes in a tube which is soft enough that it's easy to dispense the product. The tan is actually a quite thick cream - more like a lotion than regular cream. It feels really nourishing and it felt like if I'd be using it during Summer, I'd get sweat droplets. It feels quite heavy. But in the middle of Winter, it is a godsend. 


There's one thing I dislike about self-tanners. It's the scent. The burnt cookie scent. Some people don't experience it, but I do. For me it's horrendous. But luckily with this product, it's almost nonexistent. It is a faint scent once it develops and it fades quickly. In a day it's practically gone (but the colour stays!). The product itself has a perfumey scent. Quite pleasant but not my cup of tea.


The application is simple. Just rub the tanner into your skin using your bare hands. No mitts are needed. When you're done wash your hands, palms and anything that came in contact with the self-tanner. I learned it the hard way when I forgot to wash my wrists and was later sporting some tan on them. 

Bali Body Gradual Tan


It takes a bit of rubbing it to get it nicely absorbed. But once it's absorbed it's good. 
My first use was on my very dry legs which didn't get any love from me for a little bit. The skin was dry, hairy and well neglected. It screamed Winter.

But the first try was lovely. I applied the cream, let it settle for a couple of minutes (not too long tho, I was cold!) and dressed right back. I put on my pyjamas for extra comfort and went to bed.

Next morning I woke up with a nice, easy tan. It didn't look fake and there were no patches despite me using it on really dry skin (no prep!). 
I was surprised. I decided to re-do it the next evening and see how it would develop. I still haven't shaved or did any prep because I really wanted to put it to a test.

Well, the next day I got an even darker tan. This time it was more deep orange(y), like if I was some sort of bronze goddess. I liked the look as I felt really tan. Like I went to the tropics. 

I didn't test it with another application as I felt that I was dark enough and I feared I'd turn into Oompa Loompa with more layers. 

Bali Body Gradual Tan


The tan faded naturally. After weeks of using it, I haven't seen even once that it would leave some weird patches or stains on my skin if I left it to fade naturally. 
I'd reapply the tanning cream the 2nd day once more and then leave it to fade.  

But there was one time when the tan didn't work with my body lotion. I have a lotion from Lush that is quite thick and well, green and I could notice the tan lightly rubbing off while I was applying it. It was weird and nothing else worked like this with the tan. Next day I woke up with two weird patches - on my ankles and on my toes. Luckily some light wet scrubbing did the trick. 

Bali Body Gradual Tan

+ Super easy to use. 
+ No mitts needed. Just wash your hands afterwards.
+ Almost non-existant DHA scent.
+ Pleasant scent.
+ Creamy texture that's nourishing.
+ Gives a lovely tan that is gradual - the more times you apply, the darker it goes.
+ No real skin prep is needed
+ Dries quickly!

- Not so cheap - it comes at 25€ (but has free shipping)
- You have to use it up in 6 months after opening it
- May feel a bit heavy during warmer months (thick cream)


Using the Bali Body Gradual Tan has been a breeze. Really easy and it made me want to use similar formulas. I don't think that I've ever used a gradual self-tanner before and I'm glad that this is the first one I've tried. If you're curious about my last self-tanning experience you can find it here.
I haven't prepped my skin before use to give it something extra to work on (and because I'm lazy, hah) and it still delivered! To sum the experience of using this self-tanner: Easy, Quick and with amazing results. I'm loving it! And yes, even during winter months. 

This product has been sent to me by the company. That doesn't affect my reviews and my reviews are always honest. 

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