Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume

Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume

Lately, I've been thinking about getting a unique perfume - something that I've never smelled before. Something exotic, something oriental. And what better thing fits the criteria than a cult oriental perfume

So when I had the chance to try one of these, I took it eagerly. Notino kindly agreed to send me the perfume. Let's see how it went. 

Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume

Noora translates to "divine light". It's the bottled form of a spectacular, unreal enchantment that transcends the senses to enthral us beyond the capabilities of mere fragrances. This oriental composition starts with soft fruity notes of Orange and Honey, which lead into floral notes of Lily, Rose and Saffron. Musk, Sandalwood and Vanilla lay down the finishing touches.

The perfume comes in a cardboard box that is divided into two parts so it can fit the whole perfume. 
The feel of the box is somewhere between luxurious and cheap (the very kitschy aesthetic does that for me). But once you hold the bottle it reminds of our most expensive perfumes. And not only that - these scents are pretty inexpensive. The Noora is less than 20€ for 20ml of perfumed oil

Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume

An oriental fragrance
Anisex fragrance – for men and women
Especially for cold weather

The scent is intense. It truly is. It took me quite some time to get used to it and learn to enjoy the developing notes as the day passed.

Top notes
Honey, Orange

Middle notes
Lily, Saffron, Rose

Base notes
Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

The Scent

The perfume starts off with a sweet, intense orange-like scent. It has a mix of soapy notes too. I can't really smell the honey, but I smell something that reminds me of a bitter orange soap. It's not bad but it's strong. 
At first, the perfume fills the room but after about 30 minutes it sits closer to the skin. 
I prefer it once it settles down as that's when I notice the gentler notes - saffron and some musk.
On me, it lasts for about 7-8 hours when it tones down to a lovely, oriental flowery scent. 

Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume

The applicator is handy as it has a glass wand which picks enough oil for one application (on the wrists, behind ears and decollete). 
As this is a unisex perfume I can see men using it too. However, it is a bit on the floral side and I'd suggest them to try it first in-store.


+ Inexpensive - 20 ml for less than 20€
+ It's a perfume oil which lasts a long time
+ I like the bottle design
+ Handy glass wand applicator
+ Unisex
+ Despite the strong scent it doesn't provoke headaches (for me)


- Can be too strong for some
- Didn't expect the soapy first notes

Noora - Swiss Arabian Perfume


This perfume came in as a complete surprise. I was looking for something oriental, deep and strong and that's exactly what I got. It is a strong perfume that lasts a long time and I can't wait for Summer to come to see how it will develop in a warmer climate. It's supposed to react differently than during Winter months. At first,, it reminded me of my aunt who wore those perfumes that just linger in a room, but later I've learned to love it. Overall I'm happy with it and I think it's a little inexpensive gem (compared to our perfumes) that make me feel like it's date night every day while I'm wearing it.

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