New in July 2019

new in July 2019
Last month I was late with my New in post, but this month I'm right on time, yay! :D 
If you are curious what I got in the previous 3 months, you can check it here - New in April, May & June 2019

In July of 2019, I didn't get that many products. I'd say I got some essentials. 
Let's see what I got, shall we?

New in July 2019

I decided that I need a new bronzer. My favourite got destroyed (thanks to my clumsy self) last year - it was from a LE from Trend it up - and since then I've been stuck to my MACs bronzer. Well, actually a blusher that works as a bronzer. But it's just not cutting it as I keep getting an oily film on it and I am just fed up of using scotch tape on it daily! 

Okay, enough of the rant. That's practically what I picked up this Misslyn bronzer in Holiday Hooray. It's a lighter shade with a cooler undertone. Hopefully, it will work for my pale a** skin! 
It's also my very first time purchasing something from this brand. It has an interesting display but I just never got to try anything from them.

Mixa haul

As I loved the MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream so much I picked it up once I saw in Muller. It was also less than expected - 6€!

And because I had such a lovely experience with the light cream I decided to pick the Cica cream too. I mean, it's great to have something like this in your medicine cabinet.

avon PR package

Next, I got two PR packages from Avon*. Sadly they both got delivered to the wrong address. But now that I got them well, I'm here to use them.

I got a shower gel that has a light green tea scent, then I got two perfumes (one is perfect for summer!), a light nail mask, a sheet mask (yay!), a hand cream (these do come always in handy), and an illuminator in drops. It's more a blush as it's rosy-coloured, but it's doable.

Fitbit Versa

Then I got something that's kind of a big deal for me. I got Fitbit Versa (LE). It's kind of a big deal because for me it's an expensive product (190€ on sale!).

I also thought about it for a couple of days and then it was still an impulsive purchase. I love it either way! It's lovely and it does what it's supposed to do.

honeycolor order

I got the first package I ordered from Honeycolor. I've written for them a couple (*cough* 9 years *cough*) ago and whenever I am buying circle lenses I remember about their store. So far it has always been an enjoyable experience. I don't remember if they had PayPal in the past or not, but they don't have it anymore. Oh, and my last post about circle lenses was 5 years ago. Wow, time does fly!

I am waiting for another package of lenses and I can't wait. So far I've only tried the Viskon lenses and they are lovely. I love the glitter!

And as least, I got the lovely Laneige Lip sleeping mask in Grapefruit. I thought I haven't tried grapefruit but I remembered as soon that I opened it that yes - I have used it before. But I loved it so that's okay, right? :D 

That's it for my monthly new in. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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