MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

I was sent by Notino this package that a lot of products in it - and one of them was this Mixa Hyalurogel Light cream. I know I had my doubts about it, but now that I've tried it and used it up, I am finally ready to share my thoughts about it. 

MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

I remember when creams and serums with hyaluronic acid were all the hype. And that wasn't even that long ago - about 2 or 3 years. Then if a product had hyaluronic acid in it was definitely fancy and possibly worth a try. 

Nowayads hyaluronic acid is mainstream as everyone knows that it binds to the water molecules. Which means that after using a hyaluronic acid serum you should always top it with a cream or oil, to keep it on your skin. Otherwise, it can have a drying effect.

But with Mixa this can't happen - as the hyaluronic acid is mixed with glycerin.

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

The MIXA Hyalurogel Light face cream will give your face exactly the care it deserves every day.

The cream comes in a glass jar with a simple design. I have nothing bad to say about the packaging. It works. It may not be the prettiest but it does its job. 

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream

The cream is actually more of a gel-cream which means that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I love it for Summer days. I have combination skin that is slowly ageing (as I'm 30+), but I am sure it would be perfect for most skin types. 

I've managed to use it up in less than 2 months because I was really heavy with the application. I am sure I could use a bit less and get the same effect. My skin felt moisturized and ready for my sunscreen and foundation!

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream


+ lightweight, perfect for Summer
+ has a pleasant scent (fresh)
+ feels comfortable on my skin
+ didn't irritate my skin
+ inexpensive (less than 10€)


- is heavily scented. I got used to the scent but I was quite shocked at first. 

 MIXA Hyalurogel Light Cream


I go through creams quite fast. I use a lot of them and I love using them. I've learned that I enjoy using gel creams and this one is no exception! It's light, has a pleasant (even if strong) fresh scent that lasts about 5 minutes. It feels refreshing and my skin drinks it all up. But it's still enough and it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. It's perfect for Summer days! I'd definitely recommend it especially since it's less than 10€. You can find it at Notino's store. 
I also want to add that I already purchased another of these creams - it was that good!

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