New In: March 2016

March has come to an end and it's time to share all the new products I got and purchased this month.
But be prepared, this month was absolutely crazy. Many, many items have found their way to my home.

I received a nice Avon care package. It was a nice thought by Avon Slovenia for Women's day. I really like the mascara (natural look) and the hand cream is fantastic!.

L'Occitane surprised us with this cute notebook which I take whenever I go. It is really pretty and comes in handy.

For Women's day, I also got this shower gel by Oriflame, about which I already talked hereIt smells exactly like tulips, so fresh.
And some perfume samples which I asked for. :)

Of course, I couldn't say no to most of the Catrice ZENSibility line, which I already reviewed here. It's incredible how pretty and natural these things look on the skin. My favorite has to be the blush and brush. And polish. Haha. Most of the line :P.

When I saw the Infallible line by L'Oreal in the DM store, I couldn't believe it. And of course, they had so many coupons so I didn't spend a lot of money of the primer and foundation. Hooray! I was always curious on how they work. The Vanilla shade does oxydize a bit and has a pink undertone.  
I also got the Maybelline 24hr Tatoo cream shadow which I use instead of a brow dip. And you know what? It works just as fine!
And the pretty DM USB key? I got it with my purchase and it's super shiny. It has 8GB of space, which will come in handy. Ahhh *sparkles*.

After more than a month of waiting, my order from Jolse finally came. Seriously I thought it got lost in the mail because I have never waited this long for an order from them! I am loving all the items I got and I will talk in depth about them in a future post. Oh, and the gummy bear is a hand cream. It smells of dark chocolate with dried raspberries. Yum! 

As I was regularly wearing quite some heavy makeup, not even the coconut oil removed it completely. I was worried but thought that I probably need to buy a dedicated makeup remover. This is why I picked the Nivea Make up remover that is supposed to be gentle on the eyes and your wallet. I got the pads as a bonus with it and I must say that they are really great. 
And of course, I can't live without my Carmex Lip balm. It's the bomb. 

The second package from Avon included a Hair Serum, a nude nail polish and a beautiful Mat lipstick.
The lipstick is perfect and I love it because it stays pretty long and is very comfortable to wear. The nail polish got its own post, too which is here.

Even if my phone is quite um, crippled because of the many falls it has survived, I still use it daily and it does work well. Just the cover is usually damaged or not so pretty looking. This is why I needed some new covers and who does have as many designs as HeadCase? Noone! I got an Ouija themed hardcover and a mermaid one. I had a similar one to the mermaid last year and it still serves me well.

And a hand made Bajka brooch. It's super cute and my kid wanted to steal it from me several times. But no, this is my little friend. :P

 Essence came out with some new stuff and the beauty blogger in me screamed as I passed by the shelves "you gotta catch em all!!". So, um yes.
The Stay all day powder is fantastic as it's not as drying as their pressed powders and makes the skin ultra smooth to the touch.
The blush is natural looking and stays on me for the whole day.
But let me tell you about the single lashes. I have some expensive single lashes, but these are even better than the expensive ones. They work great and are super light and comfortable!

What would my stamping collection be without some new motives of Essence stamping plates? Incomplete, that's what it would be. I ran out/they dried out of my stamping polishes and Essence makes one of the cheapest and best beginners stamping polishes out there. :)

And I think that this month I got utterly spoiled rotten by companies. Seriously. These are some of the Catrice & Essence new products  for 2016. I already tried them all, except for the contour palette.

And since my acne were giving me headaches and it really started to play a big role in my own confidence, I was super glad when I got the Vichy Dermablend 3D to test out. And wow, I fell in love. It managed to cover everything. I mean it. I was struggling to keep covered some of my risen cystic acne that turned red and nothing would cover them for more than 30 minutes. But this little gem did it.

This wasn't an exciting purchase. Zendium toothpaste. With a nice design, but meh? It's just a toothpaste, you know?

This was part of the same purchase where I needed more toothpaste, but this time without fluoride.
But I do however like this version of the DM cleansing solution for contact lenses even better than the last one. It does a really great job at cleaning lenses.

And of course, I couldn't pass by such an amazing way to test some Orly gels out. Someone posted an action on a Slovenian website and I managed to grab some Orly gels because of it. Normally, these little things are very expensive, but this time, they were affordable (10€ for 3). I grabbed some extra lint free wipes, another cuticle oil (which is really amazing and I'm shocked!), another primer, a cleanser and the beginners set.

What about this "facial cleansing device"? Well, I got it off Ebay with the sole purpose to use it instead of my palm when cleaning brushes. My palms start to hurt when I'm done with my brush cleaning and I needed something to come and save them. And what better thing is than this? I mean, yes, Sigma does have some funky devices, but I'm not willing to spend 40€+ for something like that. So a 60c "egg" will do it. I had a very similar one from Ebelin, but hated it for my face and threw it away. Sadly, because it was the same thing. 

Next in line is the fresh perfume by Betty Barclay - Pretty Butterfly. It was a PR gift and it came unexpectedly into my mail. It smells really fresh and nice, just in time for Spring. I am usually very picky when it comes to perfumes, but I am really happy to wear this one. 

After the end of the Dvorec Trebnik event (you can read about it here) , we got to keep their new skincare line. It contains 8 products

Because my acne are on a rampage, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Vit C serum by O.S.T. again. But sadly, whenever I checked out Jolse, it was sold out. And I wanted to purchase from Jolse. Why? Because I like their store. After 2 weeks of waiting and checking daily, I found this gem on sale for $14! If you don't know what it does, you can read my post here. It is also interesting how shipping with tracking came sooner (2 weeks sooner!) than my other package for which I didn't pay shipping charges. 

And finally, here are all the samples I received with my Jolse purchases. They are really generous with their samples and the nose strip is actually of great quality! 
The Sweet Cotton is a product for a friend but I am showing it to you guys because I already took photos ;). 

Whew, this month has been full of new products, which means it's time for me to go back to my "no buy".

Which product would you like to see reviewed?

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