Dvorec Trebnik Event at Golte

This Friday I had the honor to being invited to the launch of the Dvorec Trebnik's new line of skincare products at Ski Resort Golte.

The invite came a couple of weeks ago and I screamed with excitement when I got it. I mean, the plan was to get us spoiled rotten and also show us the new products from their new Skincare range.

The theme was pink because their new line was inspired by Damask roses.

Okay, but let us start at the beginning. 

My day began at 4 am since I still had to get to Kamnik where we met with Tanita who picked me and other girls up and drove us to Mozirje.

(from left to right: me,  Eva, Katja, Špela and Tanita)

We went to the Ski Resort with the ropeway and surely it was very exciting and at moments, it included short sea-sickness. Yes, I am not a huge fan of "up-in-the-sky-holding-by-a-rope-things".

Inside the hotel, we were greeted and accompanied to the Hotel's dining room which was big and full of light. Breakfast was waiting for us and we could pick whatever we wanted to eat and nothing stopped us from overstuffing ourselves :P

The official part of the event started

We were introduced to the world of Dvorec Trebnik, explained why natural cosmetics is better than synthetic cosmetics and had an instructive lecture on what the process of creating a new product line is like. This is where Dvorec Trebnik's Technician, Jenny, explained what she and the team do. I was always really curious about what it looks like and what a company needs to launch a new product, but now I know and I feel that I will be able to be a more informed buyer. :)

(Valentina and I)

Later we had lunch which was delicious and then we could pick from some already set activities.
I went for a massage which was really great and it helped me untie some knots in my back.
I also think I was the only one who went to the sauna (oh boy was that relaxing!!).

Some girls left after the official part was over, but I stayed and chatted with the bloggers that stayed behind. The ladies were really great and fun to talk to.
I admit, that I was quite tired and not absolutely myself, because of the lack of sleep, but I had a blast nonetheless.

You can see more photos from the event here

The new Dvorec Trebnik Skincare includes

Spot clearing balsam with PROPOLIS & ANTI-imperfections facial cream with HONEY
as honey has antibacterial properties and helps with skin regeneration.
Cleansing lotion with HAMAMELIS EXTRACT & Refreshing toner with HAMAMELIS EXTRACT, the hamamelis gently cleans the skin and helps retain skin's moisture barrier. 
Moisturizing facial serum WITH ROSE WATER and HYALURONIC ACID & Nourishing day cream WITH ROSE WATER, HYALURONIC ACID and COENZYME Q10,
the combination of rose water and hyaluronic acid improves the elasticity of the skin and protects the skin from the free radicals. 
Gentle Nourishing eye cream with ROSE WATER & Luxurious night cream WITH ROSE WATER and COENZYME Q10,
The combination of natural oils and Q10 helps with the elasticity of the skin and helps to prevent skin aging. And in the eye cream, the coffee and cinnamon help with the puffiness of the undereye skin. 
I think that the new line is beautifully designed. I love the small patterns on the boxes, opaque packaging with really great ingredients. They also have a certificate which shows the new line is made from natural ingredients. The process of getting such a certificate it tedious and expensive, but I am glad they opted for such a step.

The prices will be about 10e/each which is about mid-range in natural skincare. 

I will be testing some of them once I manage to use up my current skincare regime because I want to be reasonable and not waste any product. 
If you liked what I wrote, you can check Dvorec Trebnik's store and see for yourself what they have to offer.

I will also return to the Golte hotel because they had amazing food, nice staff and a really cute Wellness. I don't ski, but it doesn't really matter ;).

My fellow bloggers already wrote their thoughts about the event, you can find them here.
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