Review: CATRICE ZENSibility [pictures heavy]

It's been a while since a collection peaked my interest like this Catrice collection did. It's a Limited Edition that is already available in stores (until the end of April 2016). 
Its inspiration was Asia's meditation techniques and Japanese's Geishas. I love both. Tho I don't meditate nearly enough.

Of course only I could mix the two words - ZENSibility and ZENSation. Seriously? xD

What do they say about it on the Catrice's page

Zen time. Living consciously. Concentrating on what really matters. Zen is the indispensable counterpart to today’s otherwise fast-moving world and meets a desire for peace and harmony in everyday life. This attitude to life is also reflected in the fashion of the coming season, which includes collections with an origami appeal. Purist elegance, colours that emanate calm and strength, flowing kimono cuts and softly falling fabrics with floral prints determine the design. With the new Limited Edition, “ZENSIBILITY” by CATRICE, the world of beauty is diving into the peaceful Zen spirit from mid-March until the end of April 2016. Stylish products in calm grey and rosé tones, fresh light blue as well as bold red provide a perfect match for the newly interpreted look. ZENsational – by CATRICE.

I liked some products that had to go home with me. At first, I wasn't sure if I like anything because in the store it just looked a bit "meh". But then I remembered the lovely promotional photos and remembered which products had to come home with me.

Of course, I am talking about four products.

The Bouncy Blush which looks extremely red in the promo pictures, but it's more of a brick red and not as scary as it seemed at first sight.

Beauty in Harmony. A blush with a powder-gel texture for especially natural-looking colour results. Powdery, soft and yet so creamy, this blush practically melts with the skin to provide rosy-red cheeks. If desired, the colour-intensity can be increased with repeated application.

The blush has a lovely textured look (like a brick, or velvet maybe? I am not sure) that gets ruined as soon as you dip your finger or brush into it. 
I was really disappointed when I dipped my fingers in it. Because it hardly has any opacity when swiped on the skin with a finger. 

But later I decided to apply it with a brush (blush brush, nothing fancy) and it came out lovely. Just the right opacity and it was very natural looking, too! 
The consistency of the blush is fun. It's creamy/bouncy and transforms into powder when you apply it to skin. It's similar to an old Essence cream to powder blush which I loved. Just a tad different. 

The next product is the Blending Eyeshadow Brush.
I purchased it because there can never be too many of blending brushes. Never! And because I love my Essence brushes and was hoping this would be good, too. 

Prime application. Inspired by calligraphy, this long-stemmed eye shadow brush with soft, rounded and particularly dense bristles is ideal for applying and blending powder eye shadow.
I used it for my regular daily makeup. In this makeup, I usually apply the darkest brown in the outer corners and then blend it. But with this brush, it was so different. Why? Because it picked up a lot of product and it just kept applying more and more of the powder to my lids. So it became a darker look with less effort that does my daily makeup normally require. I mean, brilliant!

And then we have the Nail Polish in the shade Sheer Silence.
The Zensible Rose shade was already taken and the next in line that I knew I would wear a lot, was this pale pink. I have a thing for nude polishes lately. 

Contemporary Calligraphy. Fresh light-blue, warm grey, two pink nuances and a bold red – these are the five colours of the Limited Edition. The formula of the Nail Lacquers stands for professional coverage, long durability and a finish with or without effects. In addition, the professional brush ensures a simple, smooth application. The unique, calligraphy-style packaging inevitably leads to a desire to create elaborate nail masterpieces.

At first, I was confused as to why does only the round part screw off. But then I realized it's supposed to be like this. To feel like you're dipping your brush into ink. Into modern ink - nail polish. 

The nail polish is creamy, has the right amount of thickness, but it does get goopy on the lid of the bottle (but not on nails). The opacity is nice. 2 layers would be fine, but I have very visible nail ridges, so I went with 3 layers. The drying time is great as it dries quickly

Here it is on my extra short nails. I filed them down just yesterday! :) 

And last but not least is the Eye Line-Art Pen. I was very intrigued because of its unique shape. And I was also in need of a new eyeliner. So it's a win-win situation, right?
Well, not really. 

Dot Design. An eyeliner with an extravagant triple ball tip. The shape of the unique felt-tip allows an accurate application of dots and lines as well as individual designs. The highly pigmented, long-lasting black colour is ideal for cat eyes as well as elaborate artistic eyeliner creations.

The tip is very interesting. But does it work for drawing lines? 

 No, not really. My first use was me trying to draw my regular winged eyeliner. Major fail. Seriously. I ended up with the whole lid covered with black eyeliner and it still wasn't good locking. No sharp ends here. :(

But! If I draw my eyeliner with dots, then it sure does work fine. It looks quite interesting too ;). 

 I love most of the stuff I got from this LE, but the eyeliner is still searching for its place in my collection.
Does any of you ladies have an idea of what should I use it for? 


  1. Replies
    1. Ja :D. Ful je hud! Ampak za navadne cat liner zadeve ni lih dober. Mislim.. vsaj jaz ne znaam :P

  2. krasna objava. Sem ravno v četrtek stala pred polnim stojalom v mullerju pa me ni prav nič pritegnilo, edino blush ki pa jih tako imam že preveč.

    1. Ja, v živo niso tako lepi (na stojalih), jim tista svetloba dela krivico. Jaz bi kar takoj šla po še en čopič in kak lak :D. In šminko... :P

  3. Joj, jaz sem tudi zadnjič to kolekcijo gledala, ampak mam že ful vsega pa glede na situacijo v denarnici bi se mi samo kopičilo. Mi je pa kolekcija sama zelo zelo všeč. Še posebej blushi in lakci. xx

    1. Saj te razumem :(. Jaz sem naredila čistko in sem si po res veliko časa nekaj privoščila, tko, sama. Brez PR zadev. Tako da je bil to zame en bonbonček ;D.

  4. Meni je ta kolekcija po dizajnu fantastična, samo nisem se našla v odtenkih. Razen laki so mi bili luškani. Mi je zelo zanimiv ta dotted eyeliner look, nekaj čisto drugačnega :D. In tebi res paše. :)

    1. Jaa, design je super lep! Odtenki pa.. mah, saj ni dosti zadev. Nude paletka, nekaj lakov (moder, ubito rdeč, dva pinki in en sivo nude), blush ki je itak neutral in rdeča šminka. Aja in torbica za čopiče. :D
      Ja, dotted eyeliner.. je kar izziv :D

  5. V nulo si zadela z temi pikicami, namesto ravne linije. Prav pristaja tiii :) Bom poskusila. Me pa ta kolekcija drugače ni tako pritegnila, razen odtenki lakcev so čudoviti, vendar bom kljub temu raje pospravila denarnico, ker me bo dragi drugače prijavil na oddajo kjer so predstavljeni ljudje ki imajo težave s kopičenjem stvari :P hjoooj :)

    1. Hahaha, ojoj ojoj :D. Si me res nasmejala s tvojim komentarjem :D :D

  6. Všečkam objavo, vsi izdelki ti noro pašejo. Najbolj pa mi je všeč lak in rdečila za lička. :)

    1. Hvala! Po blushu kar najpogosteje posegam in lak je enostavno fantastičen! Si želim, da bi imela več kot 20 nohtov haha.


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