Review: Makeup Revolution Makeup Geek Palette


It's time for the so much promised review of the Makeup Geek palette by Makeup Revolution (I heart makeup sister brand). 

The palette comes in this rectangular packaging, which isn't anything too pretty or special, until... 

Yeah, the holographic cover does help! 

More after the jump!

And when you open up the palette, this is what you see, which is kind of cool! 

I think it came out when the Shiba meme was in? I am not sure, but I think so, haha. 

The colors are very pigmented and are also very versatile. They go from nudes (in the left part) to bold and neon (lower part) to shimmery goddesses (right part). 

My eyelids are oily and during summer days, well nothing really stays put. But I found out that if I use the Makeup Revolution eye primer and top it with a cream eyeshadow (essence), wait for it to dry and then apply makeup on, it stays on the whole day without creasing! I mean it really depends if there's a heat wave and if I have a fixator on. 

 Here are some looks I did use this palette

+ There are 36 eyeshadows in the palette. Varying from matte to shimmery.
+ Very good overall quality 
+ Cheap (~12€)! 
+ Greatly pigmented
+ Versatile (from nude to colored looks)
+ Stay on the whole day (tho with the Too Faced primer the colors did fade a bit)

- The design is ugly. Except for the holo writing.

I must say that I didn't really know what to expect from this palette. I have the Chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution and I am a big fan, but no palette from I heart makeup. Well, the design is a bit sad, but I can totally look past it because the colors and pigmentation are great!
There is some fallout with some colors (like black), but nothing too drastic or that some tapping with the brush couldn't fix. I am impressed and I have been using this palette daily. I tried with a wet application (even better) and with a dry one. I mostly use a dry application because I am lazy.

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