New in: April 2015


I checked my instagram and realized that I bought a bunch of stuff in the last two months. And also, it's been a really long time since the last "New in" post has been done.

I am now on a "no buy" and will be starting some new "hit the pan" or similar projects soon. I have a lipstick or two to finish in the next months and also my foundation is calling my name.

First is my prize from Vichy. I got a lovely cosmetics bag with it, which I forgot to take pictures of.
These products are on hold, because I am currently starting a new skincare routine. 

I wanted to start using acid peelings (AHA) for my skin again, especially for those closed comedones. I got these from, where they have nicely priced peelings and smilar stuff.  I got an Mandelic/Salicylic peel + a Rejuvenate cream (with 4% glycolic acid).
I can't wait to see the firs results and update you guys about them!

This is a little threat to myself..  I wanted to try a new palette and I picked this Rose palette by Catrice. I was considering the matte one, but then I thought about it and went for the rose.
Also Kabuki brush for mineral foundation and my beloved Carmex lip balm.
And this amazing blue polish by Essence. I can't get enough of it! 

I was also given this massive sheet of nail stickers. Good quality nail stickers! *awe*

This is partly my prize from Mademoiselle Eva, and partly a mini haul from Lič (and some gift goodies from them). And of course.. who could say no to the new Essence nail polish line?

Gorgeous polishes! I gave two of them away, but the peach one is my favorite. I have already worn it for four times! 

These were the first polishes I bought from the new Essence line - you can ready more about them here. 

The last is my goodie bag from Bourjois. I wrote a review featuring all the products from it and my initial thoughts

I think this is practically it for this month (well months), I have nothing coming in so I will be focusing on using what I have. 

Do you want to see a review of a certain product from the bunch of them?

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