New in: April 2015


I checked my instagram and realized that I bought a bunch of stuff in the last two months. And also, it's been a really long time since the last "New in" post has been done.

I am now on a "no buy" and will be starting some new "hit the pan" or similar projects soon. I have a lipstick or two to finish in the next months and also my foundation is calling my name.

First is my prize from Vichy. I got a lovely cosmetics bag with it, which I forgot to take pictures of.
These products are on hold, because I am currently starting a new skincare routine. 

I wanted to start using acid peelings (AHA) for my skin again, especially for those closed comedones. I got these from, where they have nicely priced peelings and smilar stuff.  I got an Mandelic/Salicylic peel + a Rejuvenate cream (with 4% glycolic acid).
I can't wait to see the firs results and update you guys about them!

This is a little threat to myself..  I wanted to try a new palette and I picked this Rose palette by Catrice. I was considering the matte one, but then I thought about it and went for the rose.
Also Kabuki brush for mineral foundation and my beloved Carmex lip balm.
And this amazing blue polish by Essence. I can't get enough of it! 

I was also given this massive sheet of nail stickers. Good quality nail stickers! *awe*

This is partly my prize from Mademoiselle Eva, and partly a mini haul from Lič (and some gift goodies from them). And of course.. who could say no to the new Essence nail polish line?

Gorgeous polishes! I gave two of them away, but the peach one is my favorite. I have already worn it for four times! 

These were the first polishes I bought from the new Essence line - you can ready more about them here. 

The last is my goodie bag from Bourjois. I wrote a review featuring all the products from it and my initial thoughts

I think this is practically it for this month (well months), I have nothing coming in so I will be focusing on using what I have. 

Do you want to see a review of a certain product from the bunch of them?


  1. Haha, si si pa privoščila. :) Mi je pa zanimivo, da smo vse dobile isti Vichy puder, čeprav smo lahko izbirale. Edino, če nobena ni izbrala kremnega. A na tebi kaj puder oksidira ali ga še nisi probala? Drugače pa sem kupila Essence Let's Get Lost, bom poskusila danes tekom dneva pofotkati in objaviti na Instagram/Facebook primerjavo. :)

    1. Ej, sem ravno danes razmišljala če smo vse izbrale isti puder. :D In ja, sem si ga nanesla in je bil oranžen. Ma tako oranžen (in neprekriven), da sem izgledala umazana. Sem ga kombinirala z Everyday Minerals podlago v prahu - pa še vseeno.. D: Oranžen. Se mi pa zdi, da se je sedaj, urco kasneje boljše zlil s kožo? Ni več tako očitno oranžen?
      Mogoče je pa takšen, da s časom izgleda vedno boljše??? Sem ravno včeraj brala o enem takem pudru.

      Super za Let's get lost :D
      In ja, ta mesec sem bila "pridna" :P.

    2. Jaz ga ponavadi zmešam z belim Makeup Revolution pudrom in še vedno rahlo oksidira, ampak je zadeva dosti boljša. Bom poskusila tako kot ti, da ga bom samostojno nanesla in videla, če se bo tudi pri meni zlil s kožo. :D


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