Review: Bourjois Grab Bag!


I had a chance to grab this Bourjois bag for 13.95€ and I thought it was a great deal. It officially includes 1 mascara, 1 lipstick, and two mini nail polishes

Mine, however, included one lippy extra and I couldn't be happier. I showed it to the employees of the store and they said to just buy it since it was wrongly packaged, they can't do a thing

All out!

 Bourjois Lipsticks in Peach at the Beach & Fuchsia Libre (~10€): These lippies come in crayon/pencil form, I must admit they are the first lipstick that I have in such a form. All of the mine come in the classic lipstick form. But this is so much more fun! It has a twistable bottom, so you can get all the product out. The Peach lipstick is very creamy and can be too easily overdone. It is very hydrating and looks light on the lips, but it accentuates all the dry patches. However, the Fuchsia lipstick goes on light and is very moisturizing. I can see myself using it instead of a lip balm. Perfect! They don't last a long time, but I didn't expect much from such jelly like lipsticks.

Mini nail polishes (~3€): I was really surprised by them. In a good sense. They are very opaque and dry quickly. I am not a fan of the plastic wrap instead of printed text on them, but then again, that's just me. You can see the swatches & a more in-depth review, here

Volume 1 seconde Mascara (14€): I tried this mascara just so I could take the picture you see below. It is a damn expensive mascara on its own, but luckily it came in this grab bag! The mascara has this big and soft brush, that helps with adding length to my eyelashes. If I add another layer of mascara (I never apply a mascara more than twice), there is some volume, but not much. I do however like it, my eyes didn't burn while I was wearing it (there was some eye-watering action) and that's a huge plus. But then again, I am not very picky when it comes to mascaras. I like length, volume, and non-irritating formulas. Yeah. :D 

I think that overall this was a great purchase! Now, to find the grab bag by Isadora...  =D
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