Foundation routine for problematic skin


My skin is currently a mess - I stared a new routine (including an acid peeling, which has written in the instructions that the first two uses may come with breakouts) and it shows.

I can see the progress day by day, but for now I had to change the way I apply my foundation. Alone it wasn't enough. And also I got this mineral base foundation and sadly, it's not enough on its own.

So I had this brilliant idea. Yes, brilliant! Combine the two!

My steps are simple;
1. Apply sunscreen (a must while using chemical peelings, and well.. the sun is getting stronger!)
2. Apply Everyday Minerals base in 0N with a Kabuki brush
3. Apply Catrice All Matt Plus with a stippling brush
4. Add a bit more of the EDM base where needed
5. Finish it all with a fixing spray or finishing powder (Essence).
6. Add blush (optional, but I love my blushes)

It does make quite a difference, right? 
I hope that in the next two months my skin gets better - that I'll be able to use only my mineral foundation. 

See, it's easy to get a porcelain doll skin look. Even with bad breakouts/PIH. ;)

I am really happy that I found out that these two products work so well together. 

What are your must haves for problematic skin?

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