Foundation routine for problematic skin


My skin is currently a mess - I stared a new routine (including an acid peeling, which has written in the instructions that the first two uses may come with breakouts) and it shows.

I can see the progress day by day, but for now I had to change the way I apply my foundation. Alone it wasn't enough. And also I got this mineral base foundation and sadly, it's not enough on its own.

So I had this brilliant idea. Yes, brilliant! Combine the two!

My steps are simple;
1. Apply sunscreen (a must while using chemical peelings, and well.. the sun is getting stronger!)
2. Apply Everyday Minerals base in 0N with a Kabuki brush
3. Apply Catrice All Matt Plus with a stippling brush
4. Add a bit more of the EDM base where needed
5. Finish it all with a fixing spray or finishing powder (Essence).
6. Add blush (optional, but I love my blushes)

It does make quite a difference, right? 
I hope that in the next two months my skin gets better - that I'll be able to use only my mineral foundation. 

See, it's easy to get a porcelain doll skin look. Even with bad breakouts/PIH. ;)

I am really happy that I found out that these two products work so well together. 

What are your must haves for problematic skin?


  1. Mene pa od Catrice camouflage cream korektor rešuje. Imam pa tester tega mineralnega pudra, moram sprobati :)

  2. Everyday Minerals izdelki so svetovni, sama jih uporabljam že nekaj časa. :)
    Drugače pa zanimiv blog, sledim. :)



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