Quick tip; How to save on your skin toner?

I've always been a huge user of toners. I had to buy a new one every 2nd month or even sooner. It didn't matter what kind of toner it was!

But then I found out that the reason of it. The cotton pads. Yes! It sounds a bit funny, but if you think of it, I used at least two cotton pads per day and that meant at least 6 pumps per pad ...  so lots of liquid!!

I got myself these cheap thin cotton pads, that come in squares and are very very thin. I got a box of 250 pieces on Ebay for less than $5!

The comparison pics

I did a small and quick test. I took a pad of each kind and took my toner. I checked how many pumps of the toner are needed to get my pad soaked. Well are you curious?

The super thin one needed only 2 pumps to be completely soaked (so it was practically leaking) and the regular round one needed 6 pumps for the same thing!! 
Now think about how much toner you could save while using the super thin cotton pads?

And we all know that pads are way cheaper than toners are, so why not change just the pads you use for your toner? ;)


  1. Why do you want your pad to be completely soaked? I don't think it's necessary. I use plain paper towel with one or two drops of toner, and it's fine.

  2. Well not completely soaked, but enough wet to be able to refresh/clean my entire face. I use one pad for my whole face, that's why. And I think that regular paper towels 'drink' too much of product to be useful for me.

  3. Jaz sem rešitev našla v Sparovem Kiss Natural toniku. :) Tonik se precej hitro začne peniti in ga moram res malo dati na blazinico, tako da mi ta tonik traja in traja... LOL
    No, tud drugače mi je to res super tonik in za to ceno mi ga ni škoda porabiti malo več. :)

  4. I do two pumps with super thin cotton pads and thick ones. It's the same.

  5. i use mine with a cotton pads too,but mine isnt too thick or thin,so nothing gets completely to waste


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