Empties #6

Hello dear readers!

I love, love, love reading about the empties posts. It brings me joy to see such posts, that's why I don't want to neglect my duty as a blogger to bring joy to others with similar posts ;).
Am I getting a little cheesy? Maybe, but it's alright once in a while.

Here are all the products (-1) of my empties #6 post. I tried something new when it comes to pictures, and I am not sure if I like it. Do you? 

Multi-Mam Lanolin cream/gel(?)
I got this product when I was pregnant and in the last months of my third trimester.
I read that it is a little miracle for sore nipples, and it rightfully is so. It is made from sheep wool grease (sounds gross if you think about it!) and it is a little helper for all breastfeeding moms out there. I liked it, but stopped using it about 5 months or 6 months post partum. I completely forgot about it after that and when I found it again, it smelled funky. I totally wanted to try it for my lips (read somewhere it works great as a lipbalm - it is lip safe, since you don't have to clean it off before your baby latches). 
I won't repurchase it, no but it was great as long as I needed it. 

Catrice Made to Stay nude eyeliner
I was looking for a similar affordable product for quite a while. I was actually pretty excited when I was standing in front of the Catrice shelves and realised what I was seeing! Wohooo. And the price is very nice too ~3€. I was completely in love with this product - it went on smoothly, stayed for the whole 8 hours on my waterline! (nothing stays there for more than 1h!!) and well... it looked so good.  But less than 6 months into owning this product it became brittle and dryish. On the skin it still applied nicely, but not on my waterline. I cried a little when I had to toss it out.
Repurchase? Yes *cries*

Benton Snail steam cream
I mentioned it on one of the previous Empties posts, and it works nicely for me. I prefer it for the colder months as it is pretty heavy on the skin. 
Repurchase? Maybe, in the colder months.

Afrodita Baby Natural protective cream
This one is a great baby bum cream. It goes on quite cold (judging by the kid's reactions) and I totally didn't buy three pots of these, no no.. (who am I even kidding?). It helped heal rashes like no other cream and just in a day or two. I liked the packaging and I don't even mind the finger dipping it in. It has a pleasant scent and works well - it helps with an irritated baby bum :). 
Repurchase? Well, I am not sure how much of such creams the kid will need, now that we will try to potty train him. Maybe?  

SkinFood Broccoli sunscreen
This has to be my first sunscreen that I used up. I used it exclusively for my face and managed to use it up in three months. It isn't too greasy (compared to our European sunscreens, bleh!) and it leaves a nice white film that fades in 10 minutes ;). Works well, too and comes at a cheap price (~$10). I used it manly under makeup. 
Repurchase? Maybe, I do not like the waiting time that comes with internet purchases.

Essence Care hand cream
One of my staple hand creams. Doesn't dry my hands out and smells delicious. I prefer fresh scents to all others and even when I feel sick it doesn't gross me out as some scents tend to do.
The price is extremely cheap and I do recommend it (tho I am currently a huge fan of its sister - the one hand cream that comes with the name of Gel nails at home - super rich). 
Repurchase? Yes.

Jessica Paint the Town Funky Town
I know this technically isn't empty but it was goopy and hard to apply. I also know about nail polish thinners, thank you very much. But the fact is that this is one of those polishes I didn't want to have in my stash any longer. I like the colors Jessica nail polishes come in, but the staying power is just.. blargh. Crap. You can see it in action here and here.
Repurchase? No.

Impala matte top coat
Okay, okay another product that isn't empty.. ahem. But it was old. More than 3 years and never used. 
When I did use it, it just.. didn't want to work!? I needed 4 coats to get a matte finish on a creamy polish. This is not how matte top coats are supposed to work! So off it went.
Repurchase? NO.

Essence S.O.S. Spot killer
I picked this product because it looked like the Mario Badescu drying lotion. It probably works the same since both are full of alcohol. The scent is very strong, so strong that it burns your nostrils (of pure alcohol... that kind of a scent).. But it did work. Only later I realised that putting alcohol on spots is a really bad idea. I can't remember why exactly, but I am sure the guys at SkincareAddiction could tell you exactly why. It dried in a couple of months (of being closed), I guess the alcohol somehow evaporated
Repurchase? Not really, no. 

Jordan floss
I was recommended this brand by my mouth hygienist, the last time I saw her (I guess she would be very proud to hear I didn't need any dental plaque removal since the last time I visited her ~ 3 years ago) ;).  I like this brand of floss, especially the one with the green package (the expandable one), but this time I wanted to experiment. And this is actually good, because this way I found that I can not only use the very thin floss, but also the medium one! :D I like it, there's nothing to add. It does its job well.
Anyway floss is one of those products that will be forever repurchased.

I already have pictures of the next empties post. ;) 

Have fun!

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