Empties #3


Since I know that everyone loves this kind of posts, I hurried up and made a post about it. It seems that whenever I am done with taking pictures of the used up products, there is another full basket waiting for me. :D It's really weird, but it helps me use up my products.

Garnier Mineral antiperspirant
I used this deodorant a year or so ago and purchased it again. It works for me, but it gives me really painful acne on my underarms. :/
Repuchase? NO!

Alverde clay face wash
I remember that this product was raved about on a forum a year or two ago. I didn't understand what's so special about it, but then I haven't tried it. Now that I have I can see what all the fuss is about. It's a wonderful cleansing product that doesn't dry my skin out and comes with a cheap price tag.
Repurchase? Already have

Equilibra Karite crema viso
I got this cream for review purposes and it served me well. Now that the days are warmer it is a bit too much for my skin. This is a pretty heavy cream.
Repurchase? No

L'Occitane amande shower oil
My favorite shower oil, it smells divine and it is actually in form of an oil. Spreads easily and it doesn't dry my skin out. The price tag is quite high (about 18€ for a full size and about 7€ for a travel size).
Repurchase? Yes, one day

Alverde 5in1 mouthwash
A very gentle mouthwash that does its job well. I purchased a tester because I wasn't sure if I would like the taste. Luckily it is very mild so even the kid likes it.
Repurchase? Already have

Kiko mixing solution
This is supposed to be mixed with mineral/loose eyeshadows to create a foil look. It does work, but for this price I'd have something better - like eye drops (they mix well). It has a funky scent and I didn't really use it up. It just stayed there past its shelf life. 
Repurchase? Hell no!

Benton Snail Essence & Steam cream
I wrote about these two in the previous post (I think?), and the testers worked really well for me. I liked both of them since they helped with the texture of my skin and didn't irritate it.
Repurchase? Maybe

Catrice Liquid eyeliner
I think I was searching for this my whole life. I am not even joking. It applies like a dream and it is waterproof (but not rub-proof). I usually have a problem with eyeliners melting with my tears (those random-just-in-one-eye-it-burns-tears), but not with this one. I think it's the first eyeliner I used up.
Repurhase? Already have

Catrice lip scrub
It is practically just some oil and sugar mixed together in a pretty packaging. I didn't use it up, because it started to smell weird (disgusting scent). It did its job well, but I could just mix this paste myself and it would be the same.
Repurchase? No way

Garnier Fructis Citrus pure shampoo
Just a regular shampoo. It cleaned my hair well, but at the same time it broke out my scalp. I know it sounds weird but I must be sensitive to something in it. Having acne on your scalp isn't pleasant. At all.
Repurchase? Nope

Alverde foot cream
A wonderful product, that I completely forgot about. Whenever I used it, it helped my feet a lot, but the sad truth is that I forgot about it. It was left alone for so long, that I had still 3/4 of it left and it started to smell. Too old. 
Repurchase? Yes, but in a smaller/tester container

This was it for this empties post :). What did you use up in the last month?

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