Jessica Paint The Town :)

Today I got another Jessica nail polish, this time from the Paint the Town serie, named Funky Town.
It is shaped as a bucket of paint. Cute!

On the first picture, the color is the most realistic..

It is a gift from my dear, part of my Bday gift (I have my Bday on Jan 23rd), because I couldn't resist it and it was way too expensive for me (11€ for one bottle).

It is clear nail polish with purple, pink and blue glitter in it. Glitter here I come!

I loved it from the first moment I saw it (last week I saw it for the first time). I can't wait to try it out...

How do you like glitter nail polishes?


  1. Hello!
    I love glitter nail polishes! It's a great way to enhance any polish that you have ^^ (I don't wear glitter nail polishes alone x))

  2. Ana Rita: I didn't really like glitter nail polishes, because I saw them layered over colored nail polishes. I don't like that to be honest..
    But on their own, they are gorgeous!
    In any case they are not the easiest thing to take off, so.. yah lol. Why not. ^^

  3. That is beautiful, I quite like glitter polishes! What I don't like is trying to take them off!

  4. Ahh I didn't realize that I logged in from my BF's email account ._.
    That's why it says Luka R. instead of Tamara... xD

    Glidedangel: This polish wasn't that hard to take off (okay the other one, I took off the swatches and it was fine).


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