Favorites: April 2014

Hello, everyone!

I picked a couple of favorites and put them all together in this post for you. I am currently in love with these items and I do use them as much as I can. 

Subrina Colour & Shine Conditioner
I got this product with my Subrina bunch for testing purposes (for Ars-cosmetica if anyone is interested) and I can't get over how wonderful it makes my hair look and feel! Plus it smells amazing (fresh) and my hair smells nice even the day after I've washed my hair. That never happens so I am sold. Oh, and you know what? It is in the cheap range of conditioners. Win-win for cheapos like me.
(I think it's about 3€?)

I admit, I fell for the blogger hype myself. Everyone was raving about it (or the previous version which is practically a dupe). I had some extra money so I grabbed it. And boy is it wonderful! So sparkly. I will post a small review about it in a while) (about 4,5€)

I got it a while ago and I am using it almost daily since then. It is very long lasting (can survive drinking, but after eating it needs to be re-applied), on its own, it stays about 5-6 hours. This is a very bright pink color, you can see it here. (about 5,6€)

I recently came to this idea that I'd really like to try some regular gel polishes. Maybe in the combination with my Essence gel nails at home kit - you know just to replace the tedious waiting time (for the regular polish to dry). It works really well and I keep staring at my nails. Since these are quite expensive (7€ for 5ml) I will stay at two or three colored gel polishes. 

Essence gel nails at home hand & nail cream 
I got this hand cream from the Essence & Catrice event a while ago (do you remember it?), and I didn't use it until now. I had to use my other hand creams before I could even remember than I have it. It smells lovely (fresh and rich) and hydrates my hands well (I checked the ingredients and it has some interesting ones in - like silica and hydrolyzed milk protein and lactose). Those ingredients sure make smooth and hydrated hands ;). This must be my favorite Essence hand cream so far (previously was the one in the yellow packaging). (about 3€)

Earth friendly baby Calming lavender body lotion
Oh boy, the title sure is a mouthful! I initially bought this body lotion for my kid. He had some dry skin on his arms because of all the baths he takes (like daily or almost!). Nothing helped him so I  hoped this would work (we tried different baby oils and coconut oil). And it did! He loves to help me spread it, too :). His skin got back to super smooth in three days. I also use it for myself - my back gets really dry and painful skin after showering or taking a bath. Nothing helped for long enough (maybe for 30 minutes max) except this lotion. It has a mild lavender scent. I will definitely get some more once it runs out. (about 7€)

What are your favorite products this month?

(I forgot the Little Sparrow lip jelly - so I will include it in the next favorites post)

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