Cosnova Beauty Bloggers Event 10.10.13, Ljubljana [Picture heavy]

 Hello, everyone!
I had the honor to be invited to the amazing event by Cosnova (Catrice&Essence) on October 10th, 2013 in Ljubljana. It was a thing exciting of its own, because well having a young child is very time-consuming and to be honest I didn't go anywhere since my little one was born! Plus I almost couldn't make it since my "nanny" got sick, hah! Luckily darling said he can take care of our kid while I am gone. And after all what is 2 hours, right right? 

It proved that 2 hours can be life changing (for me, that's it, haha). On the event, everything looked amazing and I got so distracted, that I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to (especially of the setup, which was really fantastic).

Let's mention that this was the very first Slovene Beauty Bloggers event and it was really well done.

But fret not, my fellow bloggers took the pictures for you!
Photo by Sandra

The makeup case that was set if any girl wanted a new look :)
Photo by Sandra 

Even the decoration was made to represent the brands


Dim lights, shelves full of cosmetics (from my favorite brand Essence + Catrice), lovely themed threats and a bunch of Slovene bloggers. Let's do not forget the really nice Cosma staff

Photo by Sandra
I am really happy that I had a chance to met all the lovely girls on such a happy event. 

Photo by Taya

Even the little desserts had the brand logo on it! It's all about such details.

And of course, let's not forget the pictures of all the past and some current/future trends!

Photo by Taya
And my photo with the ambient light

Photo by Taya

Photo by Taya

There was one moment where all girls eyes went wide. It was when they told us we could take anything home to try it out. Oh wow, what a generous offer! I couldn't believe it.. and it really took me a while to realize it. 

The Essence Gel nails at home display
Photo by Sandra

But in the meantime I got my nails done by a really nice Essence staff. She was amazingly funny and a real joy to be around. 
Getting my manicure done by the Essence staff - YAY for done nails!
Photo by Taya

Nuša, Ana, Sandra
Picture by the lovely Taya

Okay so after I got my manicure done I still had some time to pick up some goodies for me and my followers. And THANK YOU COSMA for this opportunity, I felt like I was in cosmetics heaven like I could roll on the pile of makeup and, you know, die happy. Haha!

I got some stuff from Essence and Catrice (until then I have tried only about 7 items from Catrice), and I am really so glad I got some to try. Catrice is AMAZING and really great - quality wise! Essence has cute packaging and great nails stuff (and some other things too, but I wrote countless reviews about Essence).

I am still trying to figure out who two bloggers were (Baroque something and.. IDK?), but we other girls took a picture together (without Gejba from Parokeets tho, what a shame, she is such a lovely lady and without Ivana from Ivana Thinks pink who is a beautiful girl with fantastic nail skills) 

Group photo!
From left to right:
Ana from the Lovely little Luxuries, Nuša from Moonchild, me, The always coordinated Tina from Tina's Place, Tatjana from Taya's blog, Sara from Passing Fancy, Ana from Ancheek's blog and Sandra behind the camera)

Before we went home we also got two bags with promo material, two planners with pens and a couple of lovely (and sweet, yum perfect for winter!) perfumes. 

Goodies I took home

Ahem, many goodies. But some of them are for you too ;)

I had a fantastic time, actually the time of my life and it is an event which won't be easy to forget. Especially because of how nice everyone was. Thank you!

I guess I could rename my blog now into Cosma's reviews or something similar since... There will be MANY reviews and looks using their stuff. But then again.. you were used to that before, right? :D

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