Bold eyes, bold lips


I thought I am not able to pull the bold eyes & bold lips thing. I thought that I have waaaay too small eyes and that well it would look odd, or ugly. 
Boy, was I wrong! 

The truth is, you just have to chose your lip and eye color carefully. I didn't and got some luck on it  ;).

I will show you first the eye make up, keep in mind that the camera kills some color (thus boldness of it).

It's a neutral bold eye. I used the Sleek Au-Natural palette, two of the dark colors (Conker, Moss and a tiny bit of Taupe on the inner part).

And the full face with just the bold eye. Oh how washed out I look!

And now the bold lip, boy I love this color. I knew it would work on me the first time I tried it (on my fingertips!).

The lip is Catrice 8H Smoothing Lip polish in Mission PINKpossible

Tell me, did you rock the bold lip & eye combo?


  1. Your eyes are beautiful, not small at all!

  2. Meni pa oči prav naravno izgledajo, ampak razumem, da fotoaparat dostikrat poje barve. Tale Catrice odtenek ti pa prav paše. :)

  3. @Endless Summer: Thank you! I usually wear glasses so they seem smaller than they really are :D.

    @Taya: Mhm, v tem primeru je požrlo ful barve. Je bilo fuuul temno, temno rjavo - nisem več vajena take intenzive na očeh :P.


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