Daily skincare routine


Today I wanted to talk about something we are all interested in (or maybe just curious?) - skincare.

I wanted to walk you through my daily skincare regime. 
For now it is plain and simple, made of only two products :).

First thing in the morning I wash my face with cold water.  If it looks extra oily and gross I use my Alverde facial cream cleanser.

Then I apply the Mizon Snail repair cream (~14€)  all over my face, neck and decolte. A small scoop is all I need. I am already running out of it (got it in February), so I may be overdoing it sometimes.

The cream spreads easily, has a light texture and works well with my face. It isn't all that moisturizing, that's why I sometimes pair it with Alverde Wild Rose oil (~4€). But only sometimes, because it is time consuming for the oil to completely absorb.

The next step is the Skinfood Broccoli Sunscreen (~6€).
I was worried that this sunscreen will break me out, but I was lucky. It feels a bit heavy on the skin the first time I apply it, but then it settles. It is also a great base under my make up. Sadly I am already running out! Hopefully my next one (one from our store) will be as good as this one is.

What is your daily skincare routine? 

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