Daily skincare routine


Today I wanted to talk about something we are all interested in (or maybe just curious?) - skincare.

I wanted to walk you through my daily skincare regime. 
For now it is plain and simple, made of only two products :).

First thing in the morning I wash my face with cold water.  If it looks extra oily and gross I use my Alverde facial cream cleanser.

Then I apply the Mizon Snail repair cream (~14€)  all over my face, neck and decolte. A small scoop is all I need. I am already running out of it (got it in February), so I may be overdoing it sometimes.

The cream spreads easily, has a light texture and works well with my face. It isn't all that moisturizing, that's why I sometimes pair it with Alverde Wild Rose oil (~4€). But only sometimes, because it is time consuming for the oil to completely absorb.

The next step is the Skinfood Broccoli Sunscreen (~6€).
I was worried that this sunscreen will break me out, but I was lucky. It feels a bit heavy on the skin the first time I apply it, but then it settles. It is also a great base under my make up. Sadly I am already running out! Hopefully my next one (one from our store) will be as good as this one is.

What is your daily skincare routine? 


  1. Že en čas razmišljam, da bi tudi jaz objavila svojo rutino, ampak se izdelki skoz spreminjajo :P
    Morem pa rečt, da maš ful na izi rutino :P
    Me pa zanima če boš še nočno rutino objavla, ker tukaj vidim da o tem ni blo govora :P

  2. @Simona: Jup, sem ugotovila da je jutranja rutina bolj švoh. :D
    Večerna oz nočna pa še pride.

  3. maš pa res zelo enostavno (jutranjo) rutino, sploh če primerjam s svojo. :)
    sem pa ravno danes pisala objavo o moji jutranji in večerni rutini in nameravam jutri objavit, samo še poslikat moram. :)
    zgleda, da so zdaj te objave res zeeloo popularne na blogih. :)
    pa zelo me zanima tvoja večerna rutina. :)


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