Favorites: December 2013


I read all about other bloggers favorites and since I really enjoy reading such posts, I thought "Hey, maybe my readers would also like to know about my favorites?".
This is it, I really hope you will enjoy these new monthly series about my current favorite products.

Sleek Sakeup Au naturel i-divine palette I got this pretty neutral palette from my Secret Santa in the gift exchange. I really like how I can combine any of these colors together for a good looking daily make up. I haven't used it for heavier make up tho, so I still have something new to try with it. The pigmentation is also nice (but some shadows are a bit chalky).
Make up Factory Sensitive Eye Shadow Base when I ran out of my eyeshadow primer, I went looking for a new one in our local Muller. I found this. It wasn't cheap, but I didn't want to cheap out on something as important as the eye primer is (I think it was ~20€). I used it religiously with every make up application since day one. It does help with the staying powder and the eyeshadows pop out nicely. I didn't see any real difference between this and my other eyeshadow primes (the ones I used before like UD, ELF - okay elf didn't stay as long on!, etc). I would probably repurchase it, because it comes in this neat little tube which is great for traveling.
Catrice BB Allround Foundation Multi-Benefit Make Up I grabbed this foundation at the Essence & Catrice event and I couldn't be happier! I tried it "just because" and loved it instantaneously. Well almost. I really don't like the scent (vintage lipstick scent), but other than that it is really good. Great coverage, it's a bit on the thicker side and all in all it gives me a perfec skin look. 
Catrice Liquid Liner Waterproof I also got it from the Cosma event and it is not from their regular line (but is the same as the waterproof one), but it is really really good. Waterproof, but not rubproof. You shouldn't rub your eyes anyway! Nice felt tip and it stays on until you take it off.
Essence Anti-spot cover cream whenever I'm using a concealer - this is it. It offers good (medium) coverage and spreads easily. It has a distinquished baby cream scent (quite fresh, but not all the way fresh IDK). 
Neve Cosmetics eyeshadow in fondente I bought this a very long time ago (a year!). I use it whenever I'm filling in my brows. It matches my hair perfectly and it's matte. 
Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen This is my to-go "make me look awake" eye pencil. A quick application and I'm done. I look awake for a couple of hours more (I think it lasts about 5 hoursbefore it fades to oblivion). It is still exactly what I was looking for.

Bourjous Little Round Pot blush in 95 Rose de Jaspe a gorgeous coral with light gold shimmer in it. I think it matches many complexions and thus it looks good on almost anyone. My favorite blush for more than two years. The tiny brush that comes with it gets softer with usage and it's the only brush that can get enough product on it for a one swype application.
Skinfood Peach sake pore pact A good powder to keep my oily T-zone not so shiny as it wants to be. I am using this almost daily and even if I don't have foundation on it does a good job on making me look more polished.
Catrice Defining blush in Think Pink After I've read so many great things about Catrice blushes I caved in. A lovely colors that stays on for quite some time (again most blushes stay on me for about 6 hours max), and it is matte. I need a highlighter after it, but I really like it since it is such a lovely and pigmented color. Also a very smooth formula.

Mixa Sensitive Skin expert Soothing Toner I honestly never heard about this brand before coming home and using my sister's toner for the holidays (ahem). I contains no alcohol so my skin cleared up of the dry patches and I don't have a dried out epidermis. Smells nice too!
Mixa Sensitive skin expert Bi-phase cleanser it is the same story as with the toner, except it cleans my make up really well. And it doesn't burn! Also doesn't make my contact lenses foggy.
Balea Aqua feuchtigkeitscreme gel My staple face cream. It is very light and it moisturizes my skin enough so it isn't dry. Also smells very fresh. 

Essie Toggle To The Top This is the very festive Essie that everyone has ;). Great application, lovely formula (tho a tiny bit thicker), quick drying time and a long lasting time before it chips. A winner!
Essence Quick Dry topcoat I bought it a very long time ago, but started using it just recently. It does dry quickly and helps all the glittery polishes to stay smooth on my nails (or I'd go nuts). ;)
Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter A cuticle saviour. If you have destroyed cuticles give it one week. One week and your cuticles will be saved.
Essence like the party of my life This is a very strong scent, sweet but not too much. Has a strong vanilla tone in it. I wear it whenever I go out in the cold since it goes so well with it.
Essence like a rollercoaster ride A very fresh scent (think about apples, peach with a tad of vanilla) for my 'lighter' days. Great for feeling fresh.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumania Big volume Pushup Volume Refreshing Styling Powder This is practically a dry shampoo with perfume. I use it whenever I want to lenghten the time between hair washing. It gives me a WOW effect for a couple of hours, then it goes "bleh". But my hair still looks clean after that which is ok.
Schwarzkopf Got2b Volumania Big volume Pushup Volume Spray Mousse The product that gives me amazing curls! I have naturally curly hair but without it my curls are only 50% amazing. With it it looks like I did something for them. Also it smells like artificial berries. Lots of them. It took me a while to get used to this scent and start loving it.
Buchben Kinder Shampoo This is my kid's shampoo but I used it a couple of times (weeks). It cleans well, smells gently and doesn't dry out my hair nor my scalp. 
Cristalli D'argan Deep nutrition hair mask It's been a while since I used any hair mask. It helps with my hair tips, so I think it is nice. 

Ufff,.. This was very long! 
I hope you enjoyed this little (huge) post. Please tell me what you think in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

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