Neve cosmetics swatches


As I got back home I also got a package waiting for me :). Well almost, I had to pick it up, hehe.. ;P
Anyway there were these great mineral eyeshadows from Neve cosmetics

I went with mostly eath tones and pink eyeshadows. I also got a blush and they included a goodie for the three of us that ordered together (so I got a fraction of the eyeshadow - Costa smeralda, but it's more than enough for me!).

All the eyeshadows + a blush

Each collection has a different cover

Pretty jars (the last one is from Essence (not the eyeshadow) 



Swatches <3 br="br">
I must say that these are extremely pigmented and they show great on the skin! I can't wait to show you some make-ups using them ^^.

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