Secret Santa sent me a gift!

I joined the bloggers Secret Santa and I already received my gift!
I couldn't believe it, when the postman ringed the bell to tell me that I got a package I didn't know what was going on.
Well until I saw the address on the package by Secret Santa! YAY!!

What did I get? Only nice things ^^.

So pretty! It had something really nice written inside ;)

Ohhhh... soooo nice!! 
I got a NYX gloss (it's nice and sheer, great for everyday use!), a Yankee Candle (well it's something that melts so more of an eteric thing? - I put it in my bathroom since I don't have the pot to melt it in) and a Sleek Au Naturel palette. Gorgeous!!  
Also a fantastic note, thank you!!

I must say that I don't have many mattes if any
I am really happy with my Secret Santa present, so THANK YOU! *excited glee*


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