Cut crease and double winged eyeliner

I always look those amazing make up looks with the most gorgeous cut crease, with awe. They are truly stunning!
And I  wanted to do them and well, I did them but without a matte eyeshadow (nude for the full eyelid) it is not the same.
Of course it looks nice, but not stunningly nice. 

So,..  when I got the lovely Sleek palette Au Natural from my Secret Santa (Thanks again!!), I knew what was my next look. 
And I did it right then and there. 

Ohhh it was so much fun, damn! And I am super happy with how it came out. Of course I could always do with some more line practice, but that will come with time.

And on my full face - looks good! Also eyebrows are improving!

What do you think? Let me know - CCW is always welcome.

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