Cut crease and double winged eyeliner

I always look those amazing make up looks with the most gorgeous cut crease, with awe. They are truly stunning!
And I  wanted to do them and well, I did them but without a matte eyeshadow (nude for the full eyelid) it is not the same.
Of course it looks nice, but not stunningly nice. 

So,..  when I got the lovely Sleek palette Au Natural from my Secret Santa (Thanks again!!), I knew what was my next look. 
And I did it right then and there. 

Ohhh it was so much fun, damn! And I am super happy with how it came out. Of course I could always do with some more line practice, but that will come with time.

And on my full face - looks good! Also eyebrows are improving!

What do you think? Let me know - CCW is always welcome.


  1. Double winged eye liner looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Meni še cut crease nikoli ni uspel, se mi zdi, da vedno preveč zblendam. Mi je pa tvoj look všeč, moram tudi sama poskusiti dvojni liner, ker krasno izgleda. :D

  3. @Taya: Kar poskusi, malo več senčke, malo manj blendanja.. in ole' cut crease je tu :D.

    @Endless Summer: Thank you! <3


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