Applause, Applause!

I was looking to re-use this gorgeous nail polish combo from Essence for a very, very long time.
This upcoming Christmas season is the most perfect reason I could think of.

If I am not mistaken this collection came out one year ago somewhere this time? Or was it two years ago? I don't really know, but I know it was full of gold and red tones. Perfect for Xmas!

I used both polishes and both of them just in one layer. The red nail polish is very pigmented.
I added two studs from Essence  nail art stickers (rock it).

(quick review of the stickers)
I must say that these stickers are not the best. They do stick, but you can't pass your hand through your hair and similar stuff, of you're going to lose at least one.
But they are easy to apply and great for photograph! If they do stay on for more than just a couple of hours - they shift through the nail. Because the glue is well.. really gentle. 

I did some clean up on the polish but then realized that I cleaned way too much with my brush! And short nails don't forgive or forget. :P

Anyway, ladies and gents..  let me present you...  Applause Applause!

I really like it because it truly has a festive feeling to it. 

Do you have any polishes from the Circus Circus TE?


  1. Tega iz lanske božične kolekcije imam tudi jaz, pa čakam naslednji teden da ga lahko uporabim :) Zlate nalepke ful lepo pašejo zraven :)

  2. Ana: Pridna, ker čakaš! Meni se ne da, se vnaprej pripravljam na vzdušje.. ;D


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