Mom diary: 16 months old

Another month, another diary about my little sweetheart.
This month didn't pass in a breeze, but still quite quickly. How can I sum it up in one sentence?
"Ohh I miss my little baby angel, where did he go?!"

photo by: Martina Maršič

photo by: Martina Maršič

 Hahaa, so what happened?
Well first we must know that toddlers are little hormonal beings, quite more than teenagers. And they can't communicate well. So there's that. Think about it. It makes this period extremely difficult. Okay don't take me seriously on this, I remember reading it somewhere and can't find where right now.

One single week he was still my lovely little baby.. then BAM! Damn annoying and crying for every little damn thing. OMG, it was so hard on me. I thought I'd go crazy. Luckily that lasted for one week only. It was more than enough that I needed a break - off to grandma he went for the weekend. I missed the little kid so much, but it helped me put my s*it together tho.

playing with straws.. :P

That week was terrible until I started looking at things from his perspective. Of course there was still some yelling (OMG WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! Wait, you don't know why.. damnit!), which never helps. Ah..  
When I finally realized that maybe his teething was this time so much worse than the other times... it stopped. Well it got so much better. Bearable!
It probably helped that I wasn't sick anymore. Also this article was a life savior, seriously. It helped me realize how to deal with it. No more yelling!

On Monday he was fine again! Awesome!!  And you know what? It got so much easier. Well because we can somehow comunicate tho he says NO to everything. Are you thirsty? *shakes head* Do you want some water? *nods* ... So if he says no, I just put the food where he can reach it and go away. He'll take it anyway if he wants it.

What's new?  The obsession with the ducks song is still going strong, so much that he wanted to listen to it ever single day. All the day. OMG, no! I got quite immune to it, but my siblings(when we were visiting) couldn't get over it, haha. After a month, you get used to it, and it becomes background noise ;).

I tought him that when he's angry that he stomps. I mean this way he's not yelling in frustration and I know what's wrong. Okay, hun you're angry....  ;P 

He is interested in EVERYTHING. Really. You tell him he shouldn't do something.. well he does it anyway and looks you in the eye while doing it.  So he's pressing every irritation button I have, but.. it seems a great time to get over it. Toddlers are practically programmed to push the limits. And discover the world. What a great combination..  :D

It is super cute when he mimics the animals (for now it's just the dog, cat, cow, lion, duck and pig), and he can also name those animals. He is learning slowly but steadily. I find it super cute when he say the cow does "maaa" instead of muu...   ;P
But the lion sound he does it so well (Rawl), and it si heart melting..    You see for these moments it is so worth having a child. 

And also seeing all that curiousity and the fun of discovering the world it makes you appreciate life so much more. It is amazing! 

But then again, he is not a baby anymore.. he grows so quickly..  We'll see what the next month will bring. Wow he'll be 17 months already!

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