Breastfeeding II


I feel that my first post about breastfeeding (here) didn't do it any justice. I also know it freaked out some girls out there :P.
That's why I decided to post a new post about breastfeeding.

After almost 5 months of breastfeeding I feel that it's the best thing ever! ;)

Here's why:

1. I realized that boobs are awesome. Purely awesome! They can feed a child, well more of them if necessary. Amazeballs!
2. A magic hormone is produced during nursing. :D 
3. It bonds, bonds, bonds baby and mom! I cannot stress this one enough. BONDS!
4. The prettiest sight ever is to see your baby fallen asleep on your breast. Yes!
5. You need a calm and stress-free environment while nursing. People do accept that and help you. Even more because they don't want you to lose your milk. Convenient much?
6. It is amazing! :D Plain simple!
7. You can feed your baby whenever you go. I mean, you do always have your boobs with you, right?
8. Your breasts become bigger. Okay, I personally don't like this fact but some girls might enjoy it.
9. If you are breastfeeding you are probably most of the time super calm (well it helps) or just plain happy :D. That's how it affects me ;).
10. You need to eat more! :D Lets say about 500kcal more per day.
11. You need to follow a healthy diet (this might be a downside for some girls out there)
12. You lose weight. Yes! Just put down that damn cheeseburger


1. Super fugly bras. Terrible looking! Hideous! My poor eyes - I have no idea how my dear didn't yet puke at the terrible sight! The only ones that are pretty and affordable are from H&M. But they have that wire bone that is super uncomfortable for the first month(s). 
2. Diet. I am on a lactose + egg-free diet. Not nice. But hey, I am losing my extra weight!

So as you see, breastfeeding is awesome! :D

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