NOTD: HIT Glitter Fotre

Hello ladies,

This time I will show you a manicure I did while my baby was sleeping, next to a dim light. 
I used for the first time the Essence peel off base, so I had to pick up the most glittery nail polish I could find at home. 

And yes, this polish is mostly glitter! I applied two coats of it, and about 3 of top coat, but the texture is still sandy at the top. 

But it is such a gorgeous shade, sadly it really doesn't show well on pictures. That's why I took the picture of it from my instagram.

regular flash picture (Bleh!)
This looks mostly as it looks really!

I must say that this nail polish is really pretty, plus it dries super quickly.
I don't think it is available outside Brasil (I think my sister got it in a swap).


  1. Wow, very glitter and very nice :)

  2. @Katiee: Hejla, sestra ga je dobila v menjavi - je iz Brazilije. Nimam pojma, ce se ga kje na netu dobi.

  3. Gorgeous shade, although I imagine it would be difficult to remove


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