My top 5 favorite nail polishes


I always loved to read about favorite items of my lovely co-bloggers, so I decided to do something similar. I have many nail polishes, but most of them are at home. Here where I am currently living I only have about 50 nail polishes, so it was quite an easy task to pick the top 5 of them! =)

I picked the polishes I use the most, or the ones I use when I absolutely have no idea what to put on. Plus the polishes had to last more than 1 day on my nails to be able to get in the top 5!

Soooo.... are you curious yet?

A lovely electric blue, with a terrible brush. I use it when I don't feel like wearing reds/pinks. I have the least of blue toned polishes.

Lovely red that it actually one of my favorite red polishes of all time! The application is perfect, the brush is OK and it's long lasting on my nails.

A lovely summer color. Fresh and gentle. This is also one polish that lasts for more than 3 days on my nails!

A lovely sassy color. Complex yet simple. Gorgeous! One of those quick and good looking manicures! 
Dries quickly.

I don't have a swatch of the last nail polish because it's after all just a clear top coat with lots of golden glitter from the tiniest to the bigger ones. I'll add a photo when I will post about it ^^.

So girls, now you've seen my top 5 nail polishes. What are yours and why? 


  1. Uf, ne vem, če bi jih zdaj lahko izbrala samo 5, ampak tvoj izbor mi je zelo všeč! Obožujem rdeče lake :)

  2. Super izbor lakov. Jaz bi težko zbrala 5 najljubših, še 10 najljubših bi mi bilo težko izbrati, ker stalno nosim nekaj drugega (kaj naj, ko jih imam pa toliko).

  3. The Essence glitter polish seems ideal for Xmas.

  4. Cute, specially Butterfly on the nail in last post :) Adorable...

  5. I really like the essence glitter one :)
    I hope to find it very soon :)

  6. Biba: Meni res ni bilo tezko, ker imam res malo lakcev sedaj tukaj ^^.
    Rdeci lakci so pa TOP!

    Taya: Top 10 bi bil lazji, ja.. :)

    Marox79: That's so true! The glitter is in various shapes which gives it a little extra.

    Seducer: Thank you!

    Alice: It's gorgeous, I'm sure you'll find it soon enough. ^^


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