Preview: Essence Circus Circus Te (December/January 2011/2012)


Essence will soon surprise us with another creative collection - this time Circus inspired. I must say that I love most of the items from it and I can't wait to see them on our shelves.

This collection will be available in our stores in December and January. But I can say it will probably sold out quite quickly.

The perfume looks interesting, also the polishes seem totally it for December (Holidays anyone?) and the cream eyeshadows - perfect as eyelid primer.

Cream Eyeshadow - 2,89€
Liquid Eyeliner - 2,49€
Lip lacquer - 1,89€
Lip topper - 2,29€
Highlighter powder - 3,49€
Nail polish - 2,89€
EDT - 7,49€
Gel nail stickers - 1,99€ 
Tiny EDT - 2,99€
Bag - 2,49€

Which products are you most excited to get?

Photos are from Cosnova.


  1. Meh, bv kolekcija. =)
    Ps. lepi header

  2. OMG I want this collect so bad only thing is here in the US I haven't found a store to carry a large collection so when these type collections come I never get them maybe a piece here and there .awesome


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