Bourjois 10 Days No Chip #11

Hello my dear readers,

This time my nails are shorter and I'm wearing a new shade from the Bourjous new line of nail polishes.
Yesterday my nails broke so I had to shorten them. It was because my dog was pulling on a leash (I went to this ex-shelter dogs picnic) and well one of my nails broke a bit. Well a tiny bit, but at least I had an excuse to shorten them. They were getting way too long for my linking.

And I must say that I prefer them like this!

The red color from Bourjois (#11) is a gorgeous warmer red and it flatters my skin tone a lot.
In the bottle you can see tiny sparkles, but on the nails it looks creme. You have to look really closely to see the tiny sparkles. They are brighter red, quite pretty actually.

I also realized that the cap shows accurately the color of the nail polish, and I'm impressed!

This was two coats and the application was good. I got used to the angled brush.


The prettiest photo <3


I can say that these don't last for 10 days, because the #16 lasted for 3 days before it chipped on two nails. Well of course another layer of nail polish could've fixed the problem.

Anyway it's a gorgeous color and it's my new favorite. Even better than OPI Off with her Red. 

Now I want the other colors from this line, but honestly... I don't need them :P.


  1. Nice polish and nice new nail length. I like them longish myself, but not the point of them becoming talons.

  2. marox79: Thank you! I must say that they were getting a little bit too long. Short nails are so much cuter! :D

  3. Ah well chipped after 3 days, thought it was too good to be true! lol I agree, I prefer your nails this length too! :)


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