NOTD: Essence Cool and the Gang

On Nihrida's blog I saw this beauty a while ago. It was love at first sight, but I forgot about it nonetheless. But yesterday I saw it in our Muller (it was the last one!) and I had to have it.
It's nothing like the blues I already own.

I can't decide if it's an Ultramarine Blue or Persian Blue. From the Hex triplet I'd say it's a Persian Blue ^^.

Anyway it is very special. I like how in the shadow it looks quite dark (more like an indigo color) and in the sun it's super vivid and a bit of jelly looking.

I applied two thicker coats and some bubbles formed. And the brush is terrible. It truly is. It's huge, super soft and hard to use. I had to clean up my nails after the apply :/.

I think his color is pretty much magic and a must have ^^! 
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