New Shoes, high heels.

Hi lovelies!

Last week I got my birthday gift. It's shoes.. again. I love shoes, I won't complain. 
I got them from my boyfriend and since then I walked in them quite a lot. They are comfortable and for some reason I can walk normally with them.
The heel is 9cm high, which is 1cm less than my goal is (I want to be able to walk freely - normally in 10cm heels). 

I don't wear heels daily, just on special occasions or when I go to my dear and we go together for a drink and so on.

When I was trying them I thought they were dark blue (navy), when in truth they are black. 
I tried them when I got the other shoes. I didn't have enough money to but a second pair (since I had to pay my bills, that's it), so I was really happy when my dear got them for me one week later <3!

They are very classic looking, but the sole adds a bit of causality to them. I like that, they'd be perfect with jeans (I usually wear my heels with skirts or skinny pants - I hardly ever wear jeans).

And now to the pictures (while I was editing them, I thought "shoe/feet fetishists will be probably happy" lol).

+ an added bonus photo :).
Yesterday we went to the studio to play with the flash lights (so another photographer could learn how to set them) and after he left I wanted my dear to take some photos of my shoes. :P

So here's one artistic (and kind of fetish I think?)

Do you like them? <3
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