New shoes!

Hi lovelies!

I know that I'm kind of late with this kind of shoes..  but honestly I think they look ugly in the box, but really interesting when worn.

Anyway.. I got myself a pair xD. They are pretty sturdy and will do for longer walks... 
I was deciding between these and some regular navy pumps, but I'll get those next month or week, since my dog ate my black pumps. Bleh!

It seems I can't take normal photos of my shoes, so these will have to do.

They are a bit hard, but comfortable. I'll wear them tomorrow and see how it goes. I can't say how they feel today, since I walked in 8cm heels that are pretty uncomfortable and my feet are killing me.

EDIT: After a couple of hours in them my feet were killing me!! They are hard as hell ;_;. But very stable

Oh well, what we don't do for beauty..

Stay well,
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