Easy walk on my birthday.

Hello dolls,

Since my birthday was on Sunday, and Sundays are usually great for walks/exploring new places we decided to go check some ruins.
We went to Kubed.

The trip started with some food of course. I got us peanuts covered in wasabi. They were strangely fantastic! 
A great snack (when it comes to the taste, otherwise it's not really healthy)!

And some sugar...  I really don't like Manner's stuff. Too sweet, bleh! And too artificial, bleh again.

What to say.. I love garlic stuff. And garlic itself. Yum!

Someone was scared of the camera... 

And then we arrived. It's a really little place.. a church, some ruins and a tiny village (3 houses at max).

The old man there told us that some wild goats jump around the gap here and there.. o.O

Ruins.. on the other side there's this huge gap. It's terrible! 

I don't like churches but this one has an interesting door.. 

The last picture is a result of the cam not focusing where I wanted it to :D. Still pretty!

Anyway after some walking around and talking to the old man (who congratulated us because we picked up the poop after our dog) we went back home. Where I ate the best vegetable sandwich ever. YUM!!

It was quite an uneventful day, but everything is better than staying home and feeling self-pity.


  1. Jaz imam sreco, da moja psica ne sere povsod:) samo na svojem kotu v vrtu:))

  2. Pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with us, buddy.

  3. Lepe fotke! Vidim, da si lepo preživela svoj rojstni dan! :)

  4. Nice photos, looks like you had a good day.

  5. Thumby: Sreco ali nesreco? :P Ker si predstavljas, da greste na dopust z njo in noce nikjer kakat? xD Neki takega je nasa Trixica, smo sli v MB in ona ni in ni hotela na wc.. smo jo vozili vsake pol ure, zivcni zakaj nic ne opravi?! In nic.. po treh dneh smo sli nazaj domov in teden kasneje nas poklice sosed (imajo skupno teraso na vrhu bloka polno kamenckov potleh), da so neki drekci tak po balkonu.. LOL!

    Shybiker: Thank you for your comment ^^! I love sharing pictures onmy blog.

    Tassa: Bilo je lustno, ko pomislim na bday postane lacna.. :P

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you, I surely did!


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