The last two eye pencils from the Essence Crazy about Color TE

So I got them! Both!
I was actually very surprised when I saw a full shelf of CaC TE stuff! WOW!

I had to grab the both remaining pencils for my collection.

Well here they are - Crazy about Green and Lilac Forever!

The green got damaged from the tape it was wrapped with. Like WTF?


The pencils are really creamy :)

You can see previous swatches here - click.

All of them!

Some are pretty used up, because of their creamy texture they do tend to get used up quicker... but still. The apply is divine!

Swatches of them all.

The staying powder is average. I applied mine in the morning and after 6 hours it was still there but not as intense. They are not waterproof, and my eyes water quite a lot. But still, I DO like them a lot.

Would you get them, knowing that they are really creamy and the staying powder is average?
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