Essence colored eye pencils

So, today I got a couple of Essence eye pencils and three of them are from the Trend Edition (TE). I still want the green and the purple one, but for now I'll show you just the ones I have.

Since I wanted a purple eyeliner so badly, I took one from the SunClub collection, which is supposed to be waterproof. It is nice, creamy but a bit more dry than the TE pencils are. But it is indeed waterproof (it was kinda hard to apply evenly all over my lids, and it was kind of hard to take off too).

Group photo

Out of them all, I absolutely love the Addicted to blue, it's stunning!
They are very creamy, so the apply is easy (talking about the TE), and they work with the waterline too. No burning or weird stuff going on. I think they could work as an eyeshadow base too! Plus they were cheap. Less than 2€ each.

Think Pink - It's actually a nice shade of pink that in different lights looks blueish. Doesn't suit my skin tone.
Crazy Me - Gorgeous color! It's very similar to the Turquoise liquid liner from the Metal Glam collection.
Addicted to Blue - My fav! I never had such a pencil! I have a dress that is in the same exact color, and now I know how I'll combine them! ;)
Purple Rain - I think I'll use this the most during summer days (hot, and sweaty days) because of its waterproof abilities. I'll probably combine it with bronze. It's a nice deep purple that looks a bit different in certain angles. Pretty! This one is not in the TE, and it's generally available.

Do you have any of the TE pencils?
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