EOTD: Blue and white

Last week I decided to play around with the blue eyeshadow and try not to make it look tacky. I always had a problem with wearing blue eyeshadow!
Well blue (light blue) doesn't really go well with green eyes, so I try to avoid it. But that day I was trying out gray lenses (Beaucon Shimmer Gray) and decided to combine it with blue.

Sadly (or happily) the lenses are very sheer, so you can hardly say I'm wearing lenses from far away. Well you could say that if you were nose to nose close to me!

I used:
*Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
*CS 88 matte palette (white, light blue, and dark blue)
*Essence eye pencil in Addicted to Blue CaC TE

The make up

I couldn't decide between both pictures.

The white color wasn't as opaque as I wanted it to be, so next time I'm using a wet brush to apply it!
Front view
Closed eyes

I do like these lenses and I even liked the make up because it looked OK! 
How do you like it? I think that blue could go well with brown eyes :).
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