Swatch: Kleancolor 35 Rainbow Palette

Today I had some spare time, so I decided to swatch my latest palette.

It's the one for which I paid something like 3$ + 2$ shp. A steal, right?

Anyhow here are the swatches. Click to make them bigger!

The 1A doesn't really show up. It is a matte white, but since it doesn't show up alone I use it over other colors to give them the matte look.

So as you can see the first three lines aren't really opaque.



Not bad, no? 
The last two lines show up great! They are very pigmented, which I simply love!

Well I think the palette is pretty good, especially for such a price. It's great for those who love BOLD colors and for those who want them to be GENTLE.

Well I hope someone found this to be useful. 

Oh and if you'd like to see the updated Lime Crime swatches, click here.

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