EOTD: Brown and Greenish

I was really bored a couple of minutes ago.. so I decided to play with some mineral pigments!

And here is what I came out with!



I used:
Lime Crime Mermaid,
Lime Crime Duchess both in inner corners of the eyes,
Lime Crime no name thing (I got it from their 09 Action) under my eye and over the lid,
Lime Crime Dragon scales (which I absolutely hate since it just fell off!!),
Essence Metal Liquid eyeliner.

How do you like it? It looks wearable or not?


  1. waauu. Tole mi je pa res ušeč!

  2. Goregeous. Čudovite očke in lep izbor barv.

  3. wearable yes.

    i really love the colors

  4. super! všeč mi je ker si dala modro v notranji kotiček očesa in ful lepa topla čokoladna senčka .. zelo lepo =)

  5. The colors and glow is amazing!

  6. Vau, tale kombinacija pa mi je ful všeč!

  7. Lajkam veri veri. ;D <3

  8. I really love the color combinations, gorgeous~

  9. Thank you girls for all of your sweet comments! <3

    You are THE BEST, you know that right?

  10. Wow, this is such a stunnig colour combo! I mean, this is so inspirational. Thanks so much!!!


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