Swatch: Lime Crime Eyeshadows

EDIT: I have decided, that it's about time for me posting the LC swatches. And I mean better quality ones. Just applied dry. My thoughts about LC have changed a lot in the last 6 months. If you're curious what I think now, you should check the end of the post.

Hello, everyone!

I've kept those pictures for some time and today I wanted to share them with you.

Let me introduce you the majestic eyeshadows of Lime Crime Make Up line. They are amazingly pigmented, so a small bit goes a long way! I have quite a lot of them, but since I use them every day, I have an excuse ;). They're perfect for everyday look, night look and so on.
You can't miss with them!

This is my collection of LC make up:

The upper photo is inside light, and the lower is outside light. All images are clickable!

1. Nymph
2. Snow Queen
3. Primadonna
4. Mirror Mirror
5. Circus Girl
6. Cleopatra
7. Pink Poodle
8. Siren


9. Lime Criminal
10. Princess Caraboo
11. Enchanted
12. No name (got from V'day 09)
13. Elf
14. Mermaid


15. Medusa
16. Dragon Scale
17. Twilight
18. No name (V'day 09)
19. Duchess
20. Shoe Addict

Those are the 2nd kind of mineral eyeshadows I've tried. The others are Sweet Scents, and Lime Crime eyeshadows are so much more pigmented! I love them! It's great to combine them with regular makeup (like light browns etc), for an everyday look!

The price of each eyeshadow is 12$. I'd really really love to get Empress and Vixen Eyeshadow. They're on my Wish List.

When they got out it way my main goal to get every single eyeshadow they had. Haha, weird huh? Well, I got most of them but not all. Now I'm waiting for the new lipstick line, and then I shall write a nice review of all the things I own from them!
But let me tell you, pixie dust is my holy grail. It makes my skin look flawless and honestly, I can't live without it!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

I love them. They're a bit expensive compared to other mineral eyeshadows, but are really pigmented! I'd recommend them to those who like strong makeup (and resistant!).
And to those who like to try out new styles and can't find the right shades.
I mean, I recommend them to practically EVERYONE, because everyone has the right to be pretty.

Okay, I admit; a lime crime addict.

EDIT: For those of you who find interest in the comparison between their eye shadows and other companies eye shadows, read here.
Since this is my blog, I can honestly post whatever I want. If I once adored LC, now I am more realistic about it. I like the eyeshadows, but I wouldn't repurchase them. 
Not because of the price, but because I don't like being lied to, plus I don't really like sobbing sad videos. Blah!


  1. omg that is a nice collection! they really are pigmented :) they look so vibrant especially shoe addict, i want that one the most.

  2. The colors are more real in the boxes than on my hand :).

    And I agree, shoe addict is really vibrant!

  3. Thanks Tamara you are very sweet..I like them all the colors are all very pigmented just how I like my eyeshadows:)

  4. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you spent so much $ on her products! You do realize that she just repackages them from another company and then inflates the price, right? Please google limecrime repackage to see what's really going on behind closed doors...

  5. WOW, I can't believe people bought so much of her product :( You should have checked out TKB Mineral Makeup - A LOT of girls are saying that that is where she repackages from...

  6. HEY Anonymous..WHY NOT step up and show who you are? WHY talk and spread crap and not really show urself. Seriously maybe you are the one going around spreading these rumors. WOW..people get a life.

    LimeCrime is awesome. Not defending because doe is a pal but because i liked LIMECRIME before i even got to know DOE. I have seen the company grow and become what it is today. WHAT"s the problem...I tell you the problem HATERS, people who can't take others moving ahead in life and doing something.
    Like you sit all day wondering if her make-up is repackaged? LMAO!!! What a joke!

  7. painthead, why dont YOU tell everyone why u are REALLY defending doe?? the fact is, you sell/do contests using lime crime makeup, and will lose money if this scandal continues to blow up. the fact is, xenia (doe) LIED TO EVERYONE; she DOES NOT make her own makeup and the vid she made inadvertently proves it. so get off your high horse and accept the fact that xenia scammed EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU!!

  8. Hello,

    So i came upon your blog while reading all the drama on lime crime...i read her blog like about a year or so, i then noticed she started to change into "candy" it hit me, she is friends with some girl named PaintHead..who's blog i started to read, which i learned from Doedeere blogs...i noticed Doedeere blog started to "copy"'s slight, but you can see i am keeping quite of this because i want to gather some more evidence.....but Xenia blog started gearing into candy and colors..blah blah...
    that is what painthead blog is time goes on and i notice that when i read paint's blog a few days later i see doe makes a similar post..i thought at first is was a coincidence..but no it kept going and still is

    Here are some can also tell by the DATES..who wrote it first and you can tell she is looking at her blog, i follow paint's and i can tell Doe is looking
    at her blog.....let's keep this shhhhh for now until we get more stuff, then we can expose her on this scam as well.

    Proof 1:
    I saw this post on painthead's blog
    about packaging and then Doe writes this post, how she is re making her package for her make-up

    Proof 2:
    Paint did a post on snow and added a photo of her front
    then doe makes a post, kinda the same photo??

    Proof 3:
    Paint does a post on "guyliner"

    then Doe does as well, days later

    Proof 4:
    Then paint does a post on sugar pill, and how amy "shrinkle" started in EBAY

    Doe then writes about her "days in ebay"

    Proof 5:
    Paint makes a post on how everyone is going made for Alice in wonderland, like from dolls to nail polish

    Doe makes a post on that topic as well, and uses the SAME O.P.I nail polish photo

    Proof 6:
    This one takes the cake...she is
    also looking at older post of hers..paint did a post a year ago on this pretty dress
    by Mori lee

    and Doe does this post on it

    She is CLEARLY copying and looking at painthead's blog..stealing her post because she can't come up with her own.
    Makes you wonder , where she gets her ideas from, she is not at all original, she is a lier, and even if she is inspired by
    painthead she COULD at least give credit to her for making her known in polyvore and making her blog what it is.
    poor Painthead, she is a cool person. It's pretty sad how people think she is this super original person and she is not, she is a fake and
    takes people's ideas ugh...freaking people, people NEED to know about this.

    Thanks for listening
    Love Angie


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