Joppa Minerals Swatches

Last month I ordered the 6 samples kit from With it I ordered the concealer base sample. The items came in one week!

They included a free sample of their Complexion Enhancer.

Foundations & Concealer Swatches:

1.  Simple Radiance Finishing Silk in SHEER
2.  Concealer in PORCELAIN
3.  Full Coverage in LIGHT#1
4.  Simple Radiance in CREAM PUFF
As you can see the lightest one is too dark for my skin tone (it is actually darker in RL), so I'm guessing that next time I will have to order the Lightest #1. I think the Simple Radiance is clogging my pores, but I need to test it out for real before I can say that for sure. The concealer is a bit sticky, which is actually great!

Blushes & Complexion Enhancers: 

1. Blush in HUSH
2. Complexion Enhancer in GOLDEN HORIZON

1. Blush in TICKLE ME PINK

I love the Tickle me Pink blush most! It suits my skin tone really nicely, so it's a great hit for all of us pale girls out there.
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