SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume

SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume

Did you know that car perfumes exist? Well, neither did I - until I was browsing the lists of all the different car fragrances on Notino.
And yes, they do. But not only in the forms we all know - those nice smelling paper things we hang in the cars or even those fun forms we stick in the vents. 
No, there's at least another version of car perfumes - the classic perfumes that look exactly like human perfumes. Fancy much?

SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume

The SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red car fragrance makes your journey an unforgettable experience. It makes the interior of every vehicle more comfortable, leaves it smelling great and creating a harmonious environment.

SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume

When I opened the box I kind of knew what to expect (thanks to all the internet photos), but it still took me by surprise. I mean, you get a whole perfume. And it looks exactly like a very classy perfume at that!


It looks exactly like a regular perfume. Comes in a glass bottle and looks really pretty if I say so myself. The box reminds me of "male" commercials (like some very famous body spray).
With it, you get a paper car freshener. 

I thought that maybe the paper car freshener is the surface where you should apply the perfume, but no. The instructions say to spray it on a surface in a car. But to be wary of leather and faux leather or lacquered surfaces as it may damage those.  I guess cloth is a safe choice to spray on. 
So in the box, you get perfume and a (paper) car freshener.

SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume


Lime, White Flowers, Tuberose, Orange Tree Blossom, Jasmine

Okay, on the website it says it's supposedly a floral perfume. But to me, it actually smells like bubblegum. Or like the Aussie hair stuff. It's a fun scent that doesn't scream luxurious. It's a nice scent, but something I think would be more of a hair product scent or even a human scent? 

The kicker? It's very long-lasting. I didn't spray it in my car, but I did spray it in my room on an artificial plant (the one furry thing in the photos). And hours later the scent has a lot less silage (before the whole house smelled like it), but it is still going super strong.

It now smells a bit less spicey but still very bubblegum-y. I guess it's the tuberose in it?

SANTINI Cosmetic Diamond Red Car Perfume

I think that this should be treated very carefully in a car. A small bit (spray) goes a very long time. It will also last a long time. But your car will smell like fun!
Bubblegum fun. And I do like that. :D

Plus this bottle (50ml) is extremely affordable - less than 8 euro for it. 
I guess I'll use it for a very long time. :D


A fun and a bit funky scent for your car. Does not smell like "red" but more like bubblegum. Beware if you don't enjoy that. For me, it's a fun scent that I enjoy. 
It is also very long-lasting which is perfect for cars. It's affordable and since there's 50ml of it, will last you a long time. May be worth getting all three versions to switch scents a bit (there are also a "lavender" and "blue" version). 
Other than that I find it interesting and will use it. But I'll probably spray the paper "holder" when it stops smelling nice. Because I'm all about reusing stuff.

Do you have a favourite car refresher? Which one is it? Let me know in the comments below.

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