Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

We all know that I'm a curly-haired gal. And that I've come to love my curls in the last few years. 
Before that, I did enjoy my curls but didn't really have the knowledge or products to help me get the best curls out there.

But no more - now I know that I don't need any special or fancy hair routine to get the curls I deserve. To get all the lovely ringlets. No, all I need is one or two extra products

This time I was testing the Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair. It comes in a really pretty package - pink. So let's see how it went. 

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

An Intensive Treatment Mask created specifically for wavy hair to strengthen from within.

Infused with Shea Butter, Cacao and Organic Coconut Oil this Hair Mask has been developed to enhance and define natural waves.

We know wavy and curly hair can be drier and more fragile than other hair types which is why For The Love Of Curls is all about moisturising ingredients. You will never find heavyweight silicones, sulphates (SLS & SLES), drying alcohols, mineral oil or mineral waxes within our formulations. Our Treatment Mask is formulated with naturally derived, sustainably sourced, nourishing and strengthening ingredients your waves and curls will love.

A deeply hydrating Hair Mask to target and treat dry damaged hair whilst smoothing frizz and leaving hair more manageable. For weightless waves that feel healthier from the very first use.

Uncompromising care for curls and waves. 100% curly girl friendly, vegan and all about moisture.

Finally, there's a mask for my type of curls. I mean, yeah, there are plenty but usually, they target those lovely very curly hair. And I'm more in between wavy and curly. Depending on the day :)

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

As I said before, the mask comes in this pink big jar which I'm living for. I'm a big fan of pink products. Just give them all to me please. :D 

The mask alone isn't pink but it's light yellow/beige. Doesn't look appetising, but it does smell delicious!

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

  • Deeply Hydrating
  • Smooths and Strengthens
  • Calms Frizz
  • Defined and Enhances

In the pot, you get enough product to last you for a while (especially if your hair is wavy).  

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair


After cleansing generously apply throughout damp hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Follow with Conditioner to seal the cuticle.

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

The mask itself is also quite thick so it's easy to scop out of the packaging. For my hair, I think I needed about a teaspoon of product, probably a tad less as it easily adheres to hair. 

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

Before I used the mask I also used another of the very helpful products for curly hair - a scalp brush. 
It's also from Lee Stafford so I thought about mentioning it as it goes so well with hair care. 

I had one from China before which I managed to destroy in one day (because it fell in my shower), but this one seems to be sturdier. Plus the bristles do a great job at cleaning and preparing my hair for the curls mask. 

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair


+ pink packaging. I'm living for it!
+ Inexpensive (14eu for 200ml)
+ smells great!
+ thick texture so it's easier to use
+ a small bit of product goes a long way
+ left me with super soft hair with beautiful ringlets

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair


- Now I feel like I need more from this line?! I mean it's so good, what else is there to try?

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair

Lee Stafford Curls Mask For Wavy Hair


I mean, yes. It did leave me with amazing looking and feeling curls. I loved the effect! And even 3 days later when my hair is ready for another wash, my hair is still pretty soft. And that's something. My curls are seldom soft. So it's a big one for me. 
Plus well, the pretty packaging is calling my name. I'm so happy that I got to try something from Lee Stafford as it seems I'm actually the target demographic for it. :D 

Anyway, I'm a fan and I can't wait to try some other products from this brand.

What about you - have you tried anything from this brand? Did you enjoy it? 

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