Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set

Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set - royal purple

Ever since I made myself some sweet nail extensions I've been loving the way my nails look. And what is a better way to accentuate that than with lovely nail polish?
The Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set was gifted to me by Notino.
In this set, there are 3 frosty nail polishes - a violet one, a soft red with micro glitter and bronze colour. 

For this week I've picked up the violet one called Royal Purple

Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set

The NOBEA Day-to-Day nail polish will give you beautifully styled nails in moments.

I picked this colour because I needed a small pick me up - I've been home because of the Corona for 3 months and it's slowly taking its toll on me. 

And what better way to make my day better than to apply gorgeously shiny nail polish? 

Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set - royal purple

The set contains:

Royal Purple #N11 Nail Polish 6 ml 
Ruby #N12 Nail Polish 6 ml
 Bronzed Brown #N13 Nail Polish 6 ml

All the colours are beautiful. I picked the "loudest" because I wanted the boldest manicure. 
I do like the other colours - a more neutral bronze brown and a more muted red with glitter. All are very wearable and I personally feel I'd wear them more during cooler months

Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set - royal purple

  • gel manicure effect
  • long-lasting
  • ensures a high gloss


The nail polishes come with a roundly cut brush which is perfect for getting closer to the cuticles. Because the bottle is smaller (6ml) the brush is a tad smaller but still a good size. 

It has this beautiful viscose gel-like formulation. The application was a breeze

But because I picked up a frosty - Royal Purple the drying time took a tad longer than what I'm used to - about 15 min.
But once it was dry it was there to stay. In the week I've had my manicure there was no chipping or anything really. I'm impressed!

Nobea Day to day Rusty Jewels Nail Polish Set - royal purple


+ Inexpensive (less than 10€ for 3 nail polishes)
+ Beautiful colours - perfect for autumn or winter 
+ Roundly cut brush for easier application
+ Amazing formula - gel-like 
+ Easy to apply!
+ Long-lasting


- Drying time is a tad longer than expected (15 min vs 10 min)


I like these nail polishes. They have it all, plus they are in a mini version so I won't need to worry about them drying out on me. Especially because I've been more of a gel kind of gal lately. That means that my regular nail polishes often stay neglected.
There are several different kinds of sets but I got the Rusty Jewels version. And I think it's the boldest version which I love! 
The brushes are great with their rounded tip and the formulation is extremely sleek and gel-like. They apply like a dream. 
I feel like I'll get even more use out of them - currently, I'm wearing mine for one week and I think the manicure will survive for one week more. That makes the nail polish very longlasting!
In the end, I'm a simple person when it comes to nail polishes - I like every nail polish that has a round brush, dries in a good amount of time and lasts more than a couple of days. And the Nobea Day-to-Day set does exactly that so I like it. 

Have you tried any of the Nobea Nail polishes? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments.

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