Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP

Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP

Here and there I feel the need to add something extra to my nails. And when I want that I think of my favourite nail polish brand - Catrice
This has been my staple for several years since one of their many nail polish reformulations. I love their ICONails.

I got my hands on the Gold effect line, more exactly the Attracting Pomp (01) shade. It just called my name. The name, the look - the base red colour with a bit of extra oomph

Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP

How about a little glitter and glamour on the nails? The new effect nail polish range picks up on the current gold trend, which is also totally en vogue in the fashion and interior design world. The range offers eight luxurious, shimmering nail polish colours and unites two different effects - tone in tone and multi tone with gold. All colours are light-reflecting and have a glossy finish. The application is extremely easy thanks to the fan brush, applying two thin layers provides optimal coverage.

Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP

Since I am a fan of their regular line - the ICONails I was super excited when I saw this new line. A-line full of sparkly surprises. And what more do I love than a good red (or nude) manicure? A sparkly mani! 


The nail polish comes with an oval brush that is easy to manage. You can find it under the golden cap (which can be removed for easier handling). What you're left with once you remove the golden cap is the handy small black cap. That one has ridges and because of them, it is easier to hold and manage. 

The oval brush has evenly cut bristles and because of it getting close to your cuticles is easier than ever. If you can't tell, I am a huge fan of big, ovally cut nail polish brushes. They are life!

Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP


Usually, the (now) cult ICONails last on me for more than a week without retouches. I like that as I am not a big fan of re-doing my manicure when it's not exactly needed. 

With this nail polish, it seems to be the same. I used 2 layers to get the perfect coverage and then let it dry. It took about 10 minutes per layer to dry completely, which is still pretty good. But once it was dry, it was dry!

I've had it for several days now and there are no signs of chipping yet. I do have some white tips (but then again I have extensions which are a tad thicker than natural nails) but they aren't noticeable.


  • bright, rich colour
  • ensures a high gloss
  • easy to apply
Catrice Gold Effect ATTRACTING POMP


As with all Catrice nail polishes I enjoy this one too. Because it's from Catrice is pretty inexpensive (less than 5€). It comes with a detachable cap for easier application and an oval brush for getting close to your cuticles. 
The colour I picked - Attracting Pomp is a deep garnet red with red and golden speckles. It's a lovely colour that got me lots of compliments. 
The drying time is also good - if you apply thin layers it dries even faster. But for me, it took about 10 minutes per layer and I am not one to make them thin. 

If you can't get it at your local drugstore you can pick it up from Notino. They have a range of several colours. 

I would definitely recommend it. I love the colour and the look on me!

Do you enjoy such shades? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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