Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

It's been a while since I did a nail post. I mean, it's been really a while. It's mostly because I haven't added any new nail polish to my collection (which I've downsized quite a lot). The other reason is that I usually wear gel polishes. I like the ultra-shiny look they have.

But do you know for which kind of nail polish I'm willing to make an exception? A holographic one, of course! Those are fun, made out of millions of shiny particles. Lovely!

I jumped in excitement when I realized that Makeup revolution has a holo nail polish line!
I picked one that on the promo photos looked like a red holo polish - Galactical.

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

The Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail nail polish will give you beautifully styled nails in moments.

I searched all over the internet to find more photos of these pretty polishes. Sadly to no avail. I found one review of a silver polish but that was it. Plus I only found one photo of the supposedly red holo polish. And you know what? This red holo isn't really a true red. It's more like a wine red.

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

Once I got over the colour disappointment I decided to give it a go. The bottle is beautiful. It has a textured cap and a round brush
The brush makes it extremely easy to apply. It just glides and since it's round it fills the cuticles perfectly. For me, it's one of the best brushes I've ever tried!

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

And in combination with the formula - which is a thin, almost runny formula, it makes the perfect combination. 

The application was a breeze. I have nothing bad to say about it, only great things. I did my nails extremely quickly and I didn't need to do any clean-up! And that's a first for me!

  • bright, rich colour
  • ensures a high gloss
  • easy to apply
  • long-lasting

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

The polish is a true holo polish. It has millions of micro glitter which can truly shine on a sunny day. To die for!
I love how it looks on my nails. Truly magnificent!


+ Lovely colour
+ A true holographic polish
+ Super easy application
+ The brush is just perfect!
+ Good formula - thin
+ Dried quickly


- Doesn't last more than a couple of days

If the colour is beautiful and the brush amazing, there is one downside to it. And that sadly is the longevity of it. On my nails, it survived for 3 days before I had to say goodbye. 

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

On the photo above you can see the nail polish in comparison to my Fitbit band which is a wine red colour. Even if this isn't a true red holographic polish, it's still a lovely wine red holo polish.


I think that this is a lovely nail polish that would be perfect for dates or special occasions. It won't last for a lot of days (but honestly, no holo polish does last on me) but when you have it on, it looks amazing! I am a huge fan of the formula + brush combination and would recommend it just for that alone. But I mean, it's a holo, everyone needs a holo in their life. And since there aren't many o these in stores it's nice when there are options. 
You can get yours at Notino for about 7€. 

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