Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

As we slowly approach Autumn it's time to start with some gentler scents. 
One of those is a body mist by Victoria's Secret. It's a Limited Edition that can be still bought on several different sites. Its name is fresh and young as the scent itself is -  PINK Petal Vibes.
I got mine from Notino which also carries a bunch of other interesting perfumes and body mists.

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

The Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes body spray is a perfect complement to the fragrance from the same collection. It leaves the skin wonderfully scented, giving you a new burst of energy and self-confidence at any time during the day.

There isn't a lot written about these body mists or their fellow perfume, but I can still share my experience and thought about it.

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

The body mists come in a sturdy package - this one is purple with a colourful tropical design on it. It screams "fresh and fun". For me, it also screams "the end of Summer days are near". Which is kind of sad, but okay. I'm ready! 

The body mist comes in a big sturdy package - you get a whopping 250ml of product. That's quite a lot even for a body mist. I mean yes, they aren't as powerful and don't stay as long on the skin as regular perfumes, but still. It's a lot. 

On me, it lasts about an hour before there are no traces of it. It's not a lot, but after all, it is a body mist. 

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

Because it's a body mist the scent is lighter, more diluted, has slight alcohol scent and doesn't last as long. But on the other side, it's refreshing (added water) and can be sprayed all day long to refresh the scent. 

I think it's a fun addition for someone who has a bunch of perfumes that last a very long time and wants something a tad different. Something that won't stay on for the whole day, but will add a boost of energy to their day. 

  • Main scents:
  • Pink pineapple & Mariposa petals

If you're wondering what is a pink pineapple, you're not alone. It's a fancy, genetically modified pineapple. So it's pink. It's supposedly sweeter than regular pineapple, but most of all, it's fashionable. 

Anyhow, the body mist is a wonderful addition to my perfume collection. It's light, slightly fresh and doesn't last a lifetime. I need to use quite a bit of it (several sprays) to get the intensity that I want but I still don't see myself using it up in less than a year.

I enjoy using it after being on the beach - it feels refreshing and like I've been sprayed with an energy boost. 

Adventure awaits with this limited-edition mist from PINK’s Endless Adventures collection. 

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes


+ Inexpensive (several deals are going around on these body mists - but usually they are about 15-20€)
+ Lovely design 
+ Sturdy bottle, it will last until it's empty!
+ You get a lot of the body mist - 250ml
+ Smells deliciously warm and a tad fresh at the end


- doesn't last a long time (but after all, it's a body mist)


I didn't know what to expect when I got this body mist. I went into it thinking that it must be like a diluted perfume and well, I was right. It IS a diluted perfume in a huge bottle. But now that I know what a body mist is, I can evaluate it a tad more realistically. 
It's a wonderful body mist that gives me an energy boost whenever I use it - after all the notes in it are refreshing with a bit of a musky after scent. I think this after scent is what gives it weight as in something to keep it "down" from being a very citrusy scent. It's actually pretty lovely, a mix between floral, musky and citrusy. But only after the alcohol evaporates, because until then it's a bit of an alcohol fest. 
I think that body mists are a fun product to use for a quick change of mood without being too worried about smelling like them for the rest of the day. I think about them as a temporary perfume - as in, lasts less than an hour. 
Overall I think it's a fun product that isn't masked as a perfume (as lots of "eau de toilette" are) but still leaves nice smelling skin after application. 

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