Favorites of 2019 - Recap

Favorites 2019 Recap
2019 is slowly coming to an end. I know, I know what you're thinking - but it's not over yet! And it's true. It's not over, but it's almost over. It's almost the year 2020. An end to a decade. Who'd say? 

I don't want to rush it, but I've made a small list of surprisingly good products. And by good, it means that I'd happily repurchase them. Each one of them! 
And some of them I already have. Because why not? I like them so much.

Here are the products that got to my FAVORITES OF 2019 LIST. It's not a long one, so stay with me. 

Last year I didn't do a Yearly Favorites post, but I managed something similar at the beginning of 2019. It's the My 8 Favorite Makeup Items post.  

Favourites of 2019 - Recap 

 This year I've come to love perfumes.I mean, I loved them before. This year is the year when I realized that now I'm all for sweet and a bit heavy scents. I guess it comes with age. 


LUSH Karma (40€ / 30 ml)
I've used one bottle of this one already. I know it contains patchouli which is like if I said ti contains "a tiny bit of poop", but I still love it. I love how it develops on me and I love how it smells. Some people aren't a fan of it, but I am in love. I already repurchased it and it may become a staple in my collection. 

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock (70€ / 50 ml)
It's warm and still a bit of fresh perfume. But mostly is heavy and the scent lingers for a while. I've had it in 10 ml version (sample vial) and it lasted me more than a couple of months. I wore it proudly and lovingly. I will definitely repurchase it, but this time I'll go full size. 

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’Éclat (60€ / 50 ml) 
I wore this scent when I mean my dear. That means that it has a bit of emotional meaning for me. But it is still a very nice scent - floral and warm. Perfect for colder months when all you need is a warm, fuzzy hug. I used up a sample of it (10 ml) and can't wait to get it in full size. 
Perfume Favorites 2019

This year I got a couple of nice surprises in term of makeup. I didn't expect that I'd find so many products that would just work for me.
I even found a blush that stays put for the whole day and which is an experience on its own.


L.O.V. HEARTful Glow Blush (discontinued)
This is a wonderful blush. I have it in several colours and they are all wonderful. They are pigmented, buttery and just amazing. I am a fan because they last through the day. Sadly I won't be able to repurchase them but considering their shelf life, I have about 2 years before I need to.

The Balm DAY 2 NITE Autobalm Palette (27€)
This one was a bit of a surprise for me. I've never tried The Balm's eyeshadows and I'm really excited about them. They are pigmented, easy to apply and blend. And this palette comes with a black primer that transforms all the eyeshadows into something more

Catrice Brow Colorist (4€)
I've had it last year and it's still serving me well. I'm including it in this list because I repurchased it and it should serve me another year. It helps my brow become visible again. Plus they stay put during the day (ageing makes them a bit wild). 

Makeup Favorites 2019

I am a bit say that I'm just now learning about the amazing products that LOV has to offer. 
This eyeshadow is no exception. It's perfect for an "all over" eyeshadow or for a more intricate makeup look. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (35€)
I don't think I ever made a separate post about this foundation. But for me it's wonderful. Medium to full coverage from the time my skin was going out of control. But even now that my skin is doing OK, I love it for a quick fix that will last a whole day. 
I already repurchased a bottle and I need to do it again. I've run out of it already. For me, one bottle lasts about 8 months of daily wear. 
Makeup Favorites 2019

This was new to me. A lipstick that goes on smoothly, creamy and that lasts for quite a while feeling exactly like "nothing". I like lipsticks that feel like nothing and this one is one of them. I currently own only one shade but I'm planning on getting a nude colour one too. 

For mere 5€ I found a great eyeshadow primer. One that works with most eyeshadows (except the really glittery ones). It helps with my super oily eyelids and I can finally wear eyeshadows again! 
I love it! I feel that I'll run out of it soon, but that's okay. It's cheap either way. 


When it comes to skincare I've been mostly using some staples. I mean all I did was moisturize and use sunscreens. Nothing extra, nothing odd. But I found two gems this year. 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (20€)
I've bought it twice. The first time tentatively because of the steep price and because I didn't know what to expect. And the second time fiercely because I knew exactly what it did and that my lips love it. But times my lips were grateful. It creates this sleek layer on my lips that helps them heal. Helps them get better no matter the problem. It's a staple in my collection now and I totally get the hype. 

I've used several products from Mixa, but none stood out. Until this cream. It was perfect for warmer months and even for cooler months. It gives my skin a boost of hydration without stripping it. I tried the Balea Aqua Serum cream in hopes of a similar effect (as it was cheaper) to no avail. That one left my skin stingy because of all the alcohol it contains. But alas, I like the Mixa cream and I need to repurchase it. 

Skincare Favorites 2019

The biggest surprise of this year was definitely NUUD. I mean yeah, what exactly is NUUD? It's a deodorant without all the blah things in it. Now that my body got used to it, I can go with applying it only every 3 or 4 days. And only now (4 months after first using it) I've run out of the first tube. 
But I "inherited" one from my sister and I bought 3 more. So I'm good for a year or two. What's not to be excited here? 

NUUD deodorant

This was my yearly favourites list. Now I'm curious about which products are your favourites this year? Let me know in the comments.

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