Natural Methods for Dealing with Bags Under Your Eye

Natural Methods for Dealing with Bags Under Your Eye
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Having dark circles or puffy eyes, also known as eye bags, can make feeling fresh-faced and alert a
difficult task for some. It’s crazy how such a simple thing can make you feel so much older. Most of the time, these bags are a result of being tired and stressed. Luckily for you, there is an array of methods available to help get rid of the dark circles and under eye bags. 


Vitamin E in oil form is a great vitamin for under eye circles. Adding and mixing a couple of drops into a bowl of chilled water, dipping in a cotton pad and then placing it onto your eyes for around 20-30 minutes, can help with cooling and reducing water retention in your eyes. You can also do this with almond oil, as it is rich in a variety of vitamins such as Vitamin K which functions as a brilliant natural moisturizer. 

Hot Compress Eye Mask

If you are conscious of your dark circles, you shouldn’t have to hide behind any kind of glasses. Some of you may have questioned ‘do glasses cause bags under your eyes’ or help them? Well, the answer is neither, and the best thing you could wear over your eyes to reduce the dark circles is a hot compress eye mask. Inflamed eyes, dry eye syndrome, painful/sore eyes, blepharitis as well as fatigue and other eye discomforts are just some of the problems that a hot compress eye mask can tackle.

More Pillows

Sleep is a straightforward way of reducing the bags under your eyes. But getting the right amount of sleep isn’t the only thing you can do to help your dark circles. Darkness under the eyes is usually caused by vascular and circulation issues. Sleeping on an extra pillow or two can help reduce the amount of blood that can build up under your eyes. Using a cold compress when you wake up in the morning will help the blood vessels in your eye area to constrict. Using a caffeinated face cream can also help.

Cucumbers and Potatoes

Putting slices of cucumber on your eyes can benefit them as it contains properties that help to lighten the skin. It also contains a gentle astringent that helps to relieve redness and inflammation. If the cucumber is chilled, the coolness will also aid with reducing puffiness. Potato is another food that is good for your skin. Rubbing raw potato on your undereye area can assist with keeping the darkness away using the natural bleaching agent that it contains. Again, this can help to lighten the skin either by placing slices on your eyes or extracting the juice and letting that sit on your dark circles.  

Natural Methods for Dealing with Bags Under Your Eye

Skin Highlighters 

Skin highlighters won’t work for everyone, but they can function as a great way to cover up dark circles if you don’t have time to pamper yourself. If you are in a rush in the morning and need to mask your fatigue, using some sort of highlighter stick is definitely worth a try.

Keeping Hydrated

Luckily for you, how to get rid of bags under the eyes without makeup can be as simple as drinking enough water. Even though water retention can be a cause of dark circles and puffiness, keeping hydrated really helps to reduce eye bags. So, make sure you have a drink if your eyes start to look a bit droopy.

With so many simple yet effective methods available to people who suffer from eye bags and dark circles, there is no reason for you to suffer from this issue, especially if it is making you feel insecure. So, whether you have time to pamper yourself or have a busy schedule, it is a lot easier than you think to keep the darkness at bay.
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